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The standard AVS-36 bayonet is an excellent close combat weapon. Its long blade will punch through even the thickest of enemy uniforms.
― Heroes & Generals


The first use of the bayonet was on the AVS-36 battle rifles. Due to the fact the AVS-36 was plagued with issues since it's first use in Khalkhin Gol against the Japanese, not much is known about the knife and therefore a very rare WW2 collector's item.


The AVS-36 bayonet cannot be attached to the AVS-36; it is just a close combat weapon. As with all close combat weapons, its range is severely limited (although the AVS-36 Bayonet is the longest close combat weapon). The advantage of the knife compared to the shovel is that it won't decrease your stamina. It also lets you attack faster to give more chances of getting hits at the chest and head. This weapon has the ability to kill soldiers with 2 hits to the torso and 1 to the head.