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The first major thing to understand about Heroes and Generals is that the game has two elements to it. The Heroes portion of the game, also know as the Action Game, is where players actually fight the battles as a FPS Game similar to any other but set in World War Two. However, it has more objectives then most other FPS shooter (e.g., COD) you must capture/defend the points to win. The FPS battles are determined by the Generals portion of the game in the form of a RTS (Real Time Strategy) Game via the Campaign map, also know as the Strategic Game. Generals use their assault teams on the campaign map to move them around to assault/defend supply lines and eventually cities. The RTS portion of the game is determined by the general's usage of their assault teams. Meaning, in the Action Game, you will only have available to your team whatever the Generals send to that battle, unless you are playing training missions, in which case you and the enemies resources will be balanced (same amount of Assault Teams, same type, etc)

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frequently asked questions[]

Can you play just the Hero or General portion of the game?

Everyone can play the Heroes (FPS) part of the game, however to play the Generals (RTS) part , you will need to get a character to rank 12, which gains you a command point, and purchase an assault team (with Warfunds earned in the Action Game).

How do I spot enemies for my allies?

In the game you spot enemy combatants, by aiming at one for 3 seconds, identifying them on the map and in the game for your team mates.

How do you find and add friends to your friends list?

First you need to know your friends name or a portion of the name. Then simply click on the friends icon at the bottom left corner of the window (steam or web). On the next screen in the Search For Friends box, click on the box and type a portion of the name and click the search button. When the list of friends with those matching name or portion of name come up, find your friend and click on the ( + ) symbol. They will now show up on the right side as being in your friends list and green when they are online.

How can I talk to my friend?

If your friend is online, you can double-click their name in the friends list, and a private chat between you and them will open on the left. If your friend is not online, however, this will not work; the only way to communicate with an offline friend is to send them a message. The message window can be opened by clicking the envelope in the top left corner. If you wish to reply to a previous message someone has sent you, select their message thread on the right side of the window, and click Reply in the bottom left of the window. If you are creating a new message, click New Message in the top left of the window. On the right side will be a list of your friends, select the friend(s) you wish to message. On the right side, an area will appear for you to type your message and its title. When you have finished, press Send Message in the bottom right.

Why can't I invite my friends to a squad?

This is one of the most common questions. There are many reasons why you cannot do this and some of them are outlined in the Squads section.
  1. Your friend does not have a soldier of the squad type for the squad faction.
  2. Your friend is currently in another squad.

Game Types[]

The game currently has two types of game modes. These are Assault and Skirmish. When players are playing through the campaign map, the the skirmishes can be noted by the smaller circles surrounding the city (larger circles). In order to assault a town, the skirmish must first be played outside the town for control over the supply line into the city.


In the assault game-mode one team is attacking and one team is defending. It should be noted that players can join these game types through the campaign map or the training missions. The training missions do not affect the outcome of the war and are created to have equal assault teams per side and quicker match availability to players. When playing through the training missions both attacking and defending sides will have the same type and number of assault teams to select from making for a more balanced match. When playing through the campaign mission, the type and amount of assault teams can greatly vary depending on the generals and officers who send assault teams to those specific cities on the campaign map.


  1. Assault / Defend
    1. Town
    2. Mountain Town
    3. Factory
    4. Airfield
  2. Skirmish
    1. Hill Skirmish
    2. Forest Skirmish
    3. Village Skirmish