Action Game Controls

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Default Controls

These are the default controls for the game. Controls can be customized from within the Action Game, by pressing Escape and selecting "Input Settings" and "Remap Keys".

Control List

Action Default key
Forward W
Strafe Left A
Backward S
Strafe Right D
Sprint Shift
Crouch Ctrl
Prone Z
Walk Left ALT
Use E
Whistle F
Action Default key
Fire Left Mouse Button
Reload Ammo in Weapon R
Aim / Iron sights Right Mouse Button
Next Weapon Mouse Wheel Down
Previous Weapon Mouse Wheel Up
Weapon equipped in Slot 1 1
Weapon equipped in Slot 2 2
Weapon equipped in Slot 3 3
Weapon equipped in Slot 4 4
Pickup Main weapon from ground E
Auto Adjust Range/Elevation

(on weapons with adjustable sights)

Space (when in aim/iron sights)
Adjust Range/Elevation UP U or MouseWheel Up (when in aim/iron sights)
Adjust Range/Elevation DOWN J or MouseWheel Down (when in aim/iron sights)
Action Default key
Enter/Exit Command Mode 'B' or the key you have set up for equipping binoculars
Look through binocular Right Mouse Button (hold)
Set Default Spawn E
Select Squad Members individually 1 - 9 (toggle)
Select ALL Squad Members (default) 0
Order selected squad members to attack Mouse 1
Order selected squad members to defend Q
Reset/Remove current order R
Resign as Squad Leader F4
Action Default key
Accelerate W
Turn Left A
Brake / Reverse S
Turn Right D
Look Around / Move Turret Mouse
Crouch (In Open Seat) CTRL (hold)
Fire Weapon Left Mouse Button
Switch to main cannon ammunition in Slot 1 (in armor) 1
Switch to main cannon ammunition in Slot 2 (in armor) 2
Switch to co-axial machinegun (in armor) 3
Auto Adjust Rangefinder/Elevation (on tank cannons and co-axial machineguns) Space (when in sights)
Adjust Rangefinder/Elevation UP K (when in sights)
Adjust Rangefinder/Elevation DOWN J (when in sights)
Enter / Exit Vehicle/ParaJump(Fighter Plane) E
Change View Scroll wheel up/down
Change Seat C
Action Default key
Accelerate W
Roll Left A
Decelerate S
Roll Right D
Pitch, Yaw w,s
Auto-level F (hold)
Fire Selected Weapon Left Mouse Button
Ammunition Select 1 - 4 (toggle)
Drop Bomb SPACE
Freelook in 3rd person Left Shift (hold)
Use WASD As Flight Stick CTRL (hold)
Action Default key
Scoreboard TAB (hold)
Report player for teamkilling F1 (when prompted)
Tactical overlay F2 (toggle)
Detailed Network Info F6 (toggle)
Show FPS and ping F7 (toggle)
Save Screenshot (as .tga in dir where game is installed) F9
Menu ESC
Chat Return
Chat (Team) T
Map M
Action Default key
Deploy parachute - Requires free-fall & Pilot or Paratrooper character SPACE
Suicide F11