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The adjustable wrench or ‘monkey wrench’ is a special kind of spanner that can adjust to many sizes of nuts. Ideal for use in the field where tools for mechanical work and self-defense are sparse.
― Heroes & Generals


The adjustable wrench is a tool that players of all Factions can use to repair damaged vehicles at a rate of 30hp per second. It also doubles as a melee weapon, capable of killing enemies with three torso strikes or one head strike. However you swing the wrench rather slowly and it has low range and damage compared to other Close Combat Weapons.

How to use[]

To use the wrench, approach a damaged vehicle and press and hold the left mouse button. You will perform an action and the health of the vehicle will slowly increase. During this period, the vehicle's health bar will be visible to you, and you will be left vulnerable to enemy soldiers. The progress bar for vehicle stealing will not show unless you stop repairing the vehicle, so be alert for anyone trying to steal your vehicle while you repair. After V update, the repair effectiveness of the tool can be increased thanks to the mechanic combat badge. As of the Z update, you will now receive bonus experience points for repairing vehicles.