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An Assault Team (AT for short) is a collection of resources (e.g. infantry, vehicles, tanks, planes etc) which allows players to use those resources in the Action Game. In the War, Assault Teams are purchased by Generals and Officers, who command them on the Campaign Map. Each assault team also has a fixed number of character slots, however with resource pooling this has become less important. Whenever a player in the Action Game spawns a soldier or vehicle, it will be deducted randomly from an assault team of similar class in the resource pool. Campaign game play is balanced using a mechanic called Limited Supply. All starting Assault Teams can be upgraded, see Assault Team Progression page. For more info on how to obtain and use assault teams in the game read Generals tips. The table below can also be used as a legend to help you identify the various icons.

In June 2015 Reto-Moto deployed Vasilevsky build which added the Morale game mechanic which now effects all assault teams, you can read more about this game mechanic here.

Assault team users also need to be aware of the Battle Director that was introduced in Xylander build.

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Assault Team Statistics[]

Only LEVEL ZERO teams can be purchased all higher teams are UPGRADES i.e. Recon to Motorized Recon, the buy prices for these teams reflect their upgrade price. Deploy values equal the maximum cost of resupplying a completely depleted assault team. Speed refers to how quickly they move along the lines or between airfields on the campaign map. You must have enough command points on a soldier to be able to use an assault team. Higher vision values enable you to see units surrounding your assault team from further away. The HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png / Gold and Warfund.PNG / brown star orbs next to purchase and resupply values in the table heading represent Warfunds and Gold respectively.

The Points 1.png / dots in the table denote Command Points you can read more about those here. The S and V letters at the far right stand for soldiers and vehicles.

By default this table displays assault teams in the following order, Infantry teams, Recon teams, Armor teams and Air Force teams. You may sort all rows in this table ascending or descending alphabetically/numerically by clicking on the black arrows in the top of the table headers on the right hand side of each table header.

Icon Type Level Speed Vision CP's Warfund.PNG Buy Warfund.PNG Deploy HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png Buy HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png Deploy S V
AssaultTeam Guard.jpg Guard 0 0.5 0 Points 1.png 28500 1440 992 7 36 0
AssaultTeam MotorizedGuard.jpg Motorized Guard 1 1.8 10 Points 1.png 24000 1680 80 8 36 12
AssaultTeam Infantry.jpg Infantry 1 0.6 0 Points 2.png 14000 3601 51 17 90 0
AssaultTeam MotorizedInfantry.jpg Motorized Infantry 2 1.6 10 Points 2.png 30000 4500 96 20 90 30
AssaultTeam MechanizedInfantry.jpg Mechanized Infantry 3 1.4 10 Points 2.png 30000 4400 96 20 100 10
AssaultTeam Recon.jpg Recon 0 0.7 20 Points 1.png 28500 1521 992 8 20 0
AssaultTeam MotorizedRecon.jpg Motorized Recon 1 2.0 30 Points 1.png 24000 2304 80 10 24 24
AssaultTeam MechanizedRecon.jpg Mechanized Recon 2 1.7 40 Points 1.png 24000 2688 80 14 28 14
AssaultTeam Armor.jpg Light Armor 0 1.0 0 Points 1.png 44500 3540 1049 17 20 16
AssaultTeam MediumTankDestroyer.jpg Medium Tank Destroyer 1 0.7 10 Points 1.png 24000 4570 80 21 16 14
AssaultTeam HeavyTankDestroyer.jpg Heavy Tank Destroyer 2 0.4 10 Points 1.pngPoints 1.png 24000 3640 80 16 12 10
AssaultTeam MediumArmor.jpg Medium Armor 1 0.5 10 Points 2.png 30000 5400 96 23 20 18
AssaultTeam HeavyArmor.jpg Heavy Armor 2 0.4 10 Points 2.png 30000 5620 96 25 16 14
AssaultTeam FighterRecon.jpg Fighter Recon 0 3.0 40 Points 1.png 60500 5740 1089 25 20 16
AssaultTeam FigtherSquadron.jpg Fighter Squadron 1 5.2 20 Points 2.png 46000 16920 149 61 24 24
AssaultTeam HeavyFigtherSquadron.jpg Heavy Fighter Squadron 2 5.6 20 Points 2.png 46000 24120 149 82 24 24
AssaultTeam Pathfinder.jpg Pathfinders 0 3.0 0 Points 1.png 60500 6210 1089 28 36 9
AssaultTeam Paratrooper.jpg Paratroopers 1 2.7 0 Points 2.png 46000 12420 149 50 72 18

Para unit speed in table is transport plane speed. Pathfinders travel on foot at a speed of 0.5 and Paratroopers travel on foot at a speed of 0.5


Assault Team Upgrade Tree[]

Upgrade Tree
At tree.png

Assault Team XP[]

XP needed per Assault Team Rank[]

Branch does not influence the XP requirements per Assault Team Rank. Guards require the same experience as recon, pathfinder, etc.

AT XP levels[]

Upgrade to Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Total XP required >350 >3450 >9200
Instant Buy Warfunds 16,500Warfund.PNG 56,000Warfund.PNG 142,000Warfund.PNG
Instant Buy Gold 240Gold 840Gold 2,100Gold

(In order to be able to upgrade normally, you need one additional XP earning action.)

Assault Team XP Drivers[]

The actions for gaining experience for Assault teams is currently quite simple: winning or losing a battle. In order to receive experience, a 'participation' condition must be met (which means a certain amount of your assault team's resources must be drawn from in order to qualify for Assault Team Experience).

Assault Team XP Earnings[]

Depending on result of the battle your Assault team will earn XP (30XP if the battle your AT was in was won and 5XP if it was lost).

Assault Team Battle Rewards[]

When the characters from an assault team destroy a resource the reward is randomly given to an assault team of the same type. People who have veteran membership enabled on their accounts will receive 75% more Warfunds than standard members.

By default this table displays assets in order of rank requirement for soldiers, Infantry rank 0, Tank Crew rank 5, etc. Vehicles follow their soldiers order of display. You may sort all rows in this table ascending or descending alphabetically/numerically by clicking on the black arrows in the top of the table headers on the right hand side of each table header.

Tip: If only you sent assault teams of a certain class into a battle, you would earn all the Warfunds.

                                         Resource                                                                               Warfund Reward                                    
Infantry 40
Tank Crew 45
Pilot 55
Paratrooper 110
Recon 76
Terrain Vehicle 30
Motorcycle 20
Armored Personnel Carrier 40
Light Armor 165
Medium Armor 250
Tank Destroyer 275
Heavy Armor 350
Fighter Plane 650
Transport Plane 250
Armored Recon Vehicle 40
Reconnaissance Plane 290
Heavy Fighter Plane 950
Heavy Tank Destroyer 310


  • Although each of the army during World War 2 had their own "Organizational Symbols", the Assault Team-symbol-designs used in game are very heavily inspired by the "NATO Joint Military Symbology" [2]