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A battle can be initiated in several ways. The battle is resolved by human players fighting on the battlefield (3D Action Game), but if there is no players available to fight the war server will begin to resolve the battle. Human players can join a server-resolving battle at anytime if there is at least one human player on each side.

Direct Assault[]

The direct assault is initiated by moving an assault team to a battlefield. When the assault team has arrived and assembled it is ready to attack. The commander chooses what kind of attack he will issue ('Assault' being the basic choice).


Skirmish battles is when a defensive force sends out patrols around a battlefield to scout for enemy forces (or to harass enemy forces building up) or when two opposing assault teams meet during movement. Skirmish battles are fought on open ground and ends when one side has scored a number of points. Points are scored by capturing and holding outposts.