Heroes & Generals Wiki

Assault Team Transportation logic[]

All Assault Team(s) (henceforth abbreviated as AT or ATs) in the game follow simple rules while they are given the move command from battlefield A to battlefield B:

  • There are a two locations that a ATs can be positioned within map points/cities.
    • Objectives - Where the defending factions ATs are located during a battle. And if captured by the attacking faction where their ATs are relocated to.
    • Access Points - Where the attacking factions ATs are located during a battle.
  • AT movement speed is dependent on the AT type for example paratroopers are slower than fighter squadrons and guards are slower than motorized infantry.
  • Grounded ATs (like tanks, guards, etc.) always follow the supply lines on the campaign map.
  • Flying ATs take a direct route from the airfield to either:
    • A battle then back to the airfield once the battle concludes (if it is not an airfield).
    • Another friendly airfield.

Note: If sent to a battle, the ground element of paratrooper ATs will remain while the aircraft will return to the airfield.

Battle Types[]

If ATs of opposite factions meet on the map, then a conflict (battle) automatically begins at that location. This conflict is resolved by a battle between real players. The type is dependent on the location where the ATs clash:

Battle Resolution[]

Once a battle has been created, its resolution is dependent on both the results of the action game as well as the strategy game. For a battle to begin between players, it must be fun (contain a certain amount of ATs on both sides). To see if a battle is fun, you can use this calculator. Five minutes are allocated after creation for 'battle preparation' to make it fun (and determine the map for a Skirmish), after this period the battle is considered to be 'starting'. If a battle is not fun after this time it autoresolves five minutes after it has 'started' (so 10 minutes after battle creation), and if it just does not begin 6 hours after starting, it will autoresolve with the faction with the most ATs winning.