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Please use the new image ID values below to reference the combat badges, trying to standardize and remove duplicates to make templating easier.
Example: [[File:CB_1_b.png|100px]] SKuDD3r (talk) 15:42, 22 September 2014 (UTC)

Image Name ID
CB 1 b.png First Blood Bronze CB_1_b
CB 2 b.png Heavy Set Bronze CB_2_b
CB 2 s.png Heavy Set Silver CB_2_s
CB 2 g.png Heavy Set Gold CB_2_g
CB 3 b.png Marathon Man Bronze CB_3_b
CB 3 s.png Marathon Man Silver CB_3_s
CB 3 g.png Marathon Man Gold CB_3_g
CB 4 b.png Nimble Bronze CB_4_b
CB 4 s.png Nimble Silver CB_4_s
CB 4 g.png Nimble Gold CB_4_g
CB 5 b.png Driver Bronze CB_5_b
CB 5 s.png Driver Silver CB_5_s
CB 5 g.png Driver Gold CB_5_g
CB 6 b.png Car Thief Bronze CB_6_b
CB 6 s.png Car Thief Silver CB_6_s
CB 6 g.png Car Thief Gold CB_6_g
CB 7 b.png Hoarder Bronze CB_7_b
CB 7 s.png Hoarder Silver CB_7_s
CB 7 g.png Hoarder Gold CB_7_g
CB 8 b.png Grenadier Bronze CB_8_b
CB 8 s.png Grenadier Silver CB_8_s
CB 8 g.png Grenadier Gold CB_8_g
CB 9 b.png Quickdraw Bronze CB_9_b
CB 9 s.png Quickdraw Silver CB_9_s
CB 9 g.png Quickdraw Gold CB_9_g
CB 10 b.png Fast Reload Bronze CB_10_b
CB 10 s.png Fast Reload Silver CB_10_s
CB 10 g.png Fast Reload Gold CB_10_g
CB 11 b.png Infantry First Bronze CB_11_b
CB 11 s.png Infantry First Silver CB_11_s
CB 11 g.png Infantry First Gold CB_11_g
CB 12 g.png Camouflaged Gold CB_12_g
CB 13 b.png Scavenger Bronze CB_13_b
CB 13 s.png Scavenger Silver CB_13_s
CB 13 g.png Scavenger Gold CB_13_g
CB 14 b.png Pointer Quick Fire Bronze CB_14_b
CB 14 s.png Pointer Quick Fire Silver CB_14_s
CB 14 g.png Pointer Quick Fire Gold CB_14_g
CB 15 b.png Iron Fist Bronze CB_15_b
CB 15 s.png Iron Fist Silver CB_15_s
CB 15 g.png Iron Fist Gold CB_15_g
CB 16 b.png Tight Grip Bronze CB_16_b
CB 16 s.png Tight Grip Silver CB_16_s
CB 16 g.png Tight Grip Gold CB_16_g
CB 17 b.png Dead-Eye Bronze CB_17_b
CB 17 s.png Dead-Eye Silver CB_17_s
CB 17 g.png Dead-Eye Gold CB_17_g
CB 18 b.png Ghillie Bronze CB_18_b
CB 18 s.png Ghillie Silver CB_18_s
CB 18 g.png Ghillie Gold CB_18_g
CB 19 b.png Dynamite Lover Bronze CB_19_b
CB 19 s.png Dynamite Lover Silver CB_19_s
CB 19 g.png Dynamite Lover Gold CB_19_g
CB 20 b.png Aircraft Thief Bronze CB_20_b
CB 20 s.png Aircraft Thief Silver CB_20_s
CB 20 g.png Aircraft Thief Gold CB_20_g
CB 21 b.png Airbourne Bronze CB_21_b
CB 21 s.png Airbourne Silver CB_21_s
CB 21 g.png Airbourne Gold CB_21_g
CB 22 b.png Bombs Away Bronze CB_22_b
CB 22 s.png Bombs Away Silver CB_22_s
CB 22 g.png Bombs Away Gold CB_22_g
CB 23 b.png Flak Jacket Bronze CB_23_b
CB 23 s.png Flak Jacket Silver CB_23_s
CB 23 g.png Flak Jacket Gold CB_23_g
CB 24 b.png Free Fall Bronze CB_24_b
CB 25 b.png Para-Training Bronze CB_25_b
CB 25 s.png Para-Training Silver CB_25_s
CB 25 g.png Para-Training Gold CB_25_g
CB 26 b.png Tank Thief Bronze CB_26_b
CB 26 s.png Tank Thief Silver CB_26_s
CB 26 g.png Tank Thief Gold CB_26_g
CB 27 b.png Tanker Bronze CB_27_b
CB 27 s.png Tanker Silver CB_27_s
CB 27 g.png Tanker Gold CB_27_g
CB 28 b.png Gunner Bronze CB_28_b
CB 28 s.png Gunner Silver CB_28_s
CB 28 g.png Gunner Gold CB_28_g
CB 29 b.png Charismatic Leader Bronze CB_29_b
CB 29 s.png Charismatic Leader Silver CB_29_s
CB 29 g.png Charismatic Leader Gold CB_29_g
CB 30 b.png Mechanic Bronze CB_30_b
CB 30 s.png Mechanic Silver CB_30_s
CB 30 g.png Mechanic Gold CB_30_g
CB 31 b.png Battlefield Commander Bronze CB_31_b
CB 31 s.png Battlefield Commander Silver CB_31_s
CB 31 g.png Battlefield Commander Gold CB_31_g
CB 32 b.png Logistics Expert Bronze CB_32_b
CB 32 s.png Logistics Expert Silver CB_32_s
CB 32 g.png Logistics Expert Gold CB_32_g

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