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Please use the new image ID values below to reference the ribbons, trying to standardize and remove duplicates to make templating easier.
Example: [[File:CR_1.png|100px]] SKuDD3r (talk) 15:25, 22 September 2014 (UTC)

Image Name ID
CR 1.png Physical Training CR_1
CR 2.png Combat Movement CR_2
CR 3.png Parachute CR_3
CR 4.png Defense CR_4
CR 5.png Tactical CR_5
CR 6.png Recon CR_6
CR 7.png Close Combat CR_7
CR 8.png BA-Rifle Assault CR_8
CR 9.png Handgun Assault CR_9
CR 10.png Sniper Assault CR_10
CR 11.png SA-Rifle Assault CR_11
CR 12.png SMG Assault CR_12
CR 13.png LMG Assault CR_13
CR 14.png Explosives CR_14
CR 15.png Tank Destruction CR_15
CR 16.png Chauffeur CR_16
CR 17.png Driver CR_17
CR 18.png Dog Fight CR_18
CR 19.png Tactical Bomber CR_19
CR 20.png Ground Support CR_20
CR 21.png Tank Driver CR_21
CR 22.png Light Armor CR_22
CR 23.png Medium Armor CR_23
CR 24.png Heavy Armor CR_24
CR 25.png Medium Tank Destroyer CR_25
CR 26.png Armor Damage CR_26
CR 27.png War Victory CR_27
CR 28.png Battle CR_28
100px Medic CR_29

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