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US Ranks[]


Image Name ID
R US I 1.png Private First Class R_US_I_1
R US I 2.png Technician 5th R_US_I_2
R US I 3.png Corporal R_US_I_3
R US I 4.png Senior Corporal (Fictional) R_US_I_4
R US I 5.png Technician 4th R_US_I_5
R US I 6.png Sergeant R_US_I_6
R US I 7.png Staff Sergeant R_US_I_7
R US I 8.png Technical Sergeant R_US_I_8
R US I 9.png Master Sergeant R_US_I_9
R US I 10.png 1st Sergeant R_US_I_10
R US I 11.png Sergeant Major R_US_I_11
R US I 12.png 2nd Lieutenant R_US_I_12
R US I 13.png 1st Lieutenant R_US_I_13
R US I 14.png Captain R_US_I_14
R US I 15.png Major R_US_I_15
R US I 16.png Lieutenant Colonel R_US_I_16
R US I 17.png Colonel R_US_I_17
R US I 18.png Brigadier General R_US_I_18
R US I 19.png Major General R_US_I_19
R US I 20.png Lieutnant General R_US_I_20
R US I 21.png General R_US_I_21
R US I 22.png General of the Army R_US_I_22


Image Name ID
R US P 1.png Private First Class R_US_P_1
R US P 2.png Technician 5th R_US_P_2
R US P 3.png Corporal R_US_P_3
R US P 4.png Senior Corporal (Fictional) R_US_P_4
R US P 5.png Technician 4th R_US_P_5
R US P 6.png Sergeant R_US_P_6
R US P 7.png Staff Sergeant R_US_P_7
R US P 8.png Technical Sergeant R_US_P_8
R US P 9.png Master Sergeant R_US_P_9
R US P 10.png 1st Sergeant R_US_P_10
R US P 11.png Sergeant Major R_US_P_11
R US P 12.png 2nd Lieutenant R_US_P_12
R US P 13.png 1st Lieutenant R_US_P_13
R US P 14.png Captain R_US_P_14
R US P 15.png Major R_US_P_15
R US P 16.png Lieutenant Colonel R_US_P_16
R US P 17.png Colonel R_US_P_17
R US P 18.png Brigadier General R_US_P_18
R US P 19.png Major General R_US_P_19
R US P 20.png Lieutnant General R_US_P_20
R US P 21.png General R_US_P_21
R US P 22.png General of the Army R_US_P_22


Image Name ID
R US R 1.png Private First Class R_US_R_1
R US R 2.png Technician 5th R_US_R_2
R US R 3.png Corporal R_US_R_3
R US R 4.png Senior Corporal (Fictional) R_US_R_4
R US R 5.png Technician 4th R_US_R_5
R US R 6.png Sergeant R_US_R_6
R US R 7.png Staff Sergeant R_US_R_7
R US R 8.png Technical Sergeant R_US_R_8
R US R 9.png Master Sergeant R_US_R_9
R US R 10.png 1st Sergeant R_US_R_10
R US R 11.png Sergeant Major R_US_R_11
R US R 12.png 2nd Lieutenant R_US_R_12
R US R 13.png 1st Lieutenant R_US_R_13
R US R 14.png Captain R_US_R_14
R US R 15.png Major R_US_R_15
R US R 16.png Lieutenant Colonel R_US_R_16
R US R 17.png Colonel R_US_R_17
R US R 18.png Brigadier General R_US_R_18
R US R 19.png Major General R_US_R_19
R US R 20.png Lieutnant General R_US_R_20
R US R 21.png General R_US_R_21
R US R 22.png General of the Army R_US_R_22

German Ranks[]


Image Name ID
R GE I 1.png Oberschütze R_GE_I_1
R GE I 2.png Gefreiter R_GE_I_2
R GE I 3.png Obergefreiter R_GE_I_3
R GE I 4.png Obergefreiter 6+ R_GE_I_4
R GE I 5.png Stabsgefreiter R_GE_I_5
R GE I 6.png Unteroffizier R_GE_I_6
R GE I 7.png Unterfeldwebel R_GE_I_7
R GE I 8.png Feldwebel R_GE_I_8
R GE I 9.png Oberfeldwebel R_GE_I_9
R GE I 10.png Stabsfeldwebel R_GE_I_10
R GE I 11.png Hauptfeldwebel R_GE_I_11
R GE I 12.png Leutnant R_GE_I_12
R GE I 13.png Oberleutnant R_GE_I_13
R GE I 14.png Hauptmann R_GE_I_14
R GE I 15.png Major R_GE_I_15
R GE I 16.png Oberstleutnant R_GE_I_16
R GE I 17.png Oberst R_GE_I_17
R GE I 18.png Generalmajor R_GE_I_18
R GE I 19.png Generalleutnant R_GE_I_19
R GE I 20.png General R_GE_I_20
R GE I 21.png Generaloberst R_GE_I_21
R GE I 22.png Generalfeldmarschall R_GE_I_22


Image Name ID
R GE T 1.png Oberschütze R_GE_T_1
R GE T 2.png Gefreiter R_GE_T_2
R GE T 3.png Obergefreiter R_GE_T_3
R GE T 4.png Obergefreiter 6+ R_GE_T_4
R GE T 5.png Stabsgefreiter R_GE_T_5
R GE T 6.png Unteroffizier R_GE_T_6
R GE T 7.png Unterfeldwebel R_GE_T_7
R GE T 8.png Feldwebel R_GE_T_8
R GE T 9.png Oberfeldwebel R_GE_T_9
R GE T 10.png Stabsfeldwebel R_GE_T_10
R GE T 11.png Hauptfeldwebel R_GE_T_11
R GE T 12.png Leutnant R_GE_T_12
R GE T 13.png Oberleutnant R_GE_T_13
R GE T 14.png Hauptmann R_GE_T_14
R GE T 15.png Major R_GE_T_15
R GE T 16.png Oberstleutnant R_GE_T_16
R GE T 17.png Oberst R_GE_T_17
R GE T 18.png Generalmajor R_GE_T_18
R GE T 19.png Generalleutnant R_GE_T_19
R GE T 20.png General R_GE_T_20
R GE T 21.png Generaloberst R_GE_T_21
R GE T 22.png Generalfeldmarschall R_GE_T_22


Image Name ID
R GE P 1.png Oberschütze R_GE_P_1
R GE P 2.png Gefreiter R_GE_P_2
R GE P 3.png Obergefreiter R_GE_P_3
R GE P 4.png Obergefreiter 6+ R_GE_P_4
R GE P 5.png Stabsgefreiter R_GE_P_5
R GE P 6.png Unteroffizier R_GE_P_6
R GE P 7.png Unterfeldwebel R_GE_P_7
R GE P 8.png Feldwebel R_GE_P_8
R GE P 9.png Oberfeldwebel R_GE_P_9
R GE P 10.png Stabsfeldwebel R_GE_P_10
R GE P 11.png Hauptfeldwebel R_GE_P_11
R GE P 12.png Leutnant R_GE_P_12
R GE P 13.png Oberleutnant R_GE_P_13
R GE P 14.png Hauptmann R_GE_P_14
R GE P 15.png Major R_GE_P_15
R GE P 16.png Oberstleutnant R_GE_P_16
R GE P 17.png Oberst R_GE_P_17
R GE P 18.png Generalmajor R_GE_P_18
R GE P 19.png Generalleutnant R_GE_P_19
R GE P 20.png General R_GE_P_20
R GE P 21.png Generaloberst R_GE_P_21
R GE P 22.png Generalfeldmarschall R_GE_P_22


Image Name ID
R GE R 1.png Oberschütze R_GE_R_1
R GE R 2.png Gefreiter R_GE_R_2
R GE R 3.png Obergefreiter R_GE_R_3
R GE R 4.png Obergefreiter 6+ R_GE_R_4
R GE R 5.png Stabsgefreiter R_GE_R_5
R GE R 6.png Unteroffizier R_GE_R_6
R GE R 7.png Unterfeldwebel R_GE_R_7
R GE R 8.png Feldwebel R_GE_R_8
R GE R 9.png Oberfeldwebel R_GE_R_9
R GE R 10.png Stabsfeldwebel R_GE_R_10
R GE R 11.png Hauptfeldwebel R_GE_R_11
R GE R 12.png Leutnant R_GE_R_12
R GE R 13.png Oberleutnant R_GE_R_13
R GE R 14.png Hauptmann R_GE_R_14
R GE R 15.png Major R_GE_R_15
R GE R 16.png Oberstleutnant R_GE_R_16
R GE R 17.png Oberst R_GE_R_17
R GE R 18.png Generalmajor R_GE_R_18
R GE R 19.png Generalleutnant R_GE_R_19
R GE R 20.png General R_GE_R_20
R GE R 21.png Generaloberst R_GE_R_21
R GE R 22.png Generalfeldmarschall R_GE_R_22

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