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How Do I join A CLAN?

Heroes and Generals is a massive complex game, especially on the war map. The learning curve is steep and the payback is rewarding. Don't walk the well trodden path alone. There are friends out there willing to help and support you, in your chosen faction.

Find a clan and let them help. You'll get up to speed quicker and spend less time being cannon fodder. We've got a list of clans who are full of helpful folks. Commit to them and they'll turn you into a well oiled killing machine.

Generally all you need is TeamSpeak3 (which is free), a microphone (they're almost free), a headset (OK they're going to cost a bit) and a good attitude.

Want your clan on the wiki? You must be active - have a look at this forum thread! Remember to mention that you saw their wiki page!

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