Heroes & Generals Wiki

Command Points (CP for short) enables a character to deploy Assault Teams. The Assault Team must first be bought with Warfunds or Gold and then assigned to a character with unused CPs. Once assigned to a character you can then join a faction at the start of each war and deploy your assault teams for the faction you have joined, move them around the war map and send them into battles. Assault Teams can be moved between different characters if they have unused CPs, however unless the character is a general, they must be the same character class as the AT i.e Recons can only be assigned Recon ATs. Additionally, CPs cannot be moved between characters, they are fixed and ATs cannot be transferred between factions. You receive the first Command Point when you reach Rank 12, the second at Rank 15 and one at each subsequent rank until rank 22, the final rank, when you get two. While to reach Rank 12, you are solely reliant on XP from the Action Game, once you have purchased Assault Teams and have begun deploying them in wars, they will also contribute XP to your rank progression. Once you reach Rank 18 and choose to promote a character to General, as they are no longer able to partake in the Action Game they are solely reliant on XP from the Strategy Game (War) to progress to the final rank which is Rank 22. Different assault teams are different sizes in terms of CPs for example a Guard Assault Team is only one CP in size while a Motorized Infantry AT is two CPs in size.

You can also get extra Command Points for your characters with the War Victory ribbon, however they will only be accesible from Rank 12. You can get a maximum of three bonus CPs from the ribbon, one at ribbon level 4, another at level 8 and a final one at the level 12. In total you can get 10 CPs from rank (4 as an Officer and another 6 if you choose to promote the character to General) and another 3 from the War Victory Ribbon meaning characters holding Officer ranks can have up to 7 CPs while characters promoted to General can have a total of 13 CPs.

To see how many Command Points a certain type of Assault Team takes up, you can either look on the table here or see using the AT Upgrade Tree ingame.


As each player can have a maximum of 30 non-general characters per faction, this means if a player has maxed out the number of characters they can purchase and all characters are the highest possible officer rank (rank 17) and have fully completed the War Victory Ribbon, the player would have a total of 210 Command Points. This number can then be complimented by either levelling characters up to rank 18 and promoting them to General or buying Generals at rank 18. As there is no limit on the number of Generals a player can own, it is possible to have an unlimited number of Command Points. It is not uncommon for Veteran players (those who have played for a long time with thousands of ingame hours recorded) also known as 'Generals' to have hundreds of characters of General rank (Rank 18+) and therefore significant influence over the areas of the campaign map where they deploy their ATs.