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Credits are the currency available in Heroes and Generals for the Heroes portion of the game. You can earn credits by participating in battles and killing enemies. The credits earned from participating in battles is the salary of the soldier(s) that qualify based on their time in battle. Higher ranked soldiers earn more salary. You can see the Soldier salary by clicking on the soldiers rank in the rank progression bar.

How to earn credits[edit | edit source]

Salary[edit | edit source]

The current system added with the Xylander Build (1-8-2015) is that you get paid for playtime. Each rank has amount of salary it gets for 60 minutes of being out in the field. Also, if you stay until the game ends, you will recieve a 10% bonus to this salary. As result amount of credits is calculated using this formula:

Salary * play time * end bonus * veteran, where

Salary - amount of money you get according to your rank in 1 hour, play time - hours spent alive, end bonus - 1.1 modifier if you stayed until the match ended, veteran - having a veteran membership will grant you 25% bonus, meaning 1.25 modifier.

If we take rank 17 for example, it's hourly salary is 18500 credits. If you were alive for 30 minutes, and haven't left until the end, and you have veteran membership, your salary will be

18500 * 0.5 * 1.1 * 1.25 = 12718 credits.

The amount of credits that you receive can be increased by Veteran membership (25% bonus).

Extra Information: Credits cannot be bought with gold or any other form of purchasing, they are only acquired by playing the game.

Other earnings[edit | edit source]

You will also receive credits (and experience) for certain actions, such as killing and injuring enemy soldiers and vehicles, capturing, raiding and defending points and other actions. Amount of credits you get for them is also affected by veteran membership.

what are credits used for[edit | edit source]

You can spend credits on various weapons, equipment, weapon modifications, vehicles, planes and new soldiers. Each weapon and vehicle that is used will have a repair or refill cost associated with it in credits. The more advanced the weapon or vehicle, the higher the cost will be. There is an option to auto-repair items with credits, and if this option is selected then a notification will be sent following each battle giving the repair cost.