Equipment Points

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Description[edit | edit source]


While characters can equip many different kinds of gear, each weapon and equipment has a number of equipment points tied to it. Depending on the character selected as some of them have different total amount of available equipment points, you can swap out gear to meet the max equipment points.

Character Equipment Points
Infantry 10
Fighter Pilot 6
Paratrooper 8
Tanker 6
Recon 8

Equipment point cost[edit | edit source]

Every weapon with bullets can have a customized ammo count in form of pouches. 1 pouch of ammo is counted below with the weapon. Every weapon can either take one Equipment point less or more depending how many pouches you chose to carry. Each weapon can also carry zero pouches in order to minimize point usage. In this way, you can carry an SMG with any five point rifle. The Hoarder badge in the Defense ribbon will allow you to carry more rounds to make up for the lack of pouch ammunition.

Weapon Type Equipment Points
Semi Automatic Rifles Points 5.png
Bolt action rifles Points 5.png
SMGs Points 6.png
Tier 1 Machine Guns, FG42 Ausf. E, Johnson M1941 LMG Points 6.png
Machine Guns Points 7.png
Flamethrowers Points 8.png
Pocket Pistols Points 1.png
Handguns Points 2.png
Grenades Points 2.png
Anti-tank mines Points 3.png
Anti-Personnel Mines Points 2.png
Anti-Tank Rifles Points 7.png
Rocket launchers Points 5.png
Adjustable Wrench Points 1.png
Close Combat Points 1.png
Binoculars Points 1.png