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The Game Lobby is the area you enter when logging on to game.heroesandgenerals.com.

The game lobby system consists of a number of 'screens' each with their own functionality. Some screens are for adjusting user settings and some are for direct interaction with the game.

The main screens are accessed via the big header buttons at the top of the screen. Secondary screens are accessed via the main screens.

Currently there are two main screens which are the Character and Campaign screen.

Heroes Screen[]

The Heroes Screen.

The Heroes Screen contains quite a bit of information about each individual soldier along with links to other important screens. The Heroes Screen is used to setup each character with different career paths, weapon load-outs, vehicle selection, and assault team selection. Soldiers or characters are the heroes portion of the game. They partake in the Action Game. What Assault Teams your generals send into battle will determine which soldiers you can play as ingame. For example, if the generals did not send any planes to your battle, then you will not be able to use your pilot.

Heroes Displayed Information[]

Soldier Information
Soldier Category
Soldier Name
Ribbon Progression Overview
Links to Individual Ribbon Progression and Rewards Screen(s)
Rank Progression
Links to Rank Progression and Rewards Screen
Selected Badge(s)
Links to Badge Selection and Progression Screen
Selected Weapon and Equipment
Links to Weapon Customization Screen
Links to Weapon and Equipment Purchasing Screen(s)
Links to Equipment Depot Screen
Selected Vehicles
Links to Vehicle Customization Screen
Links to Vehicle Purchasing Screen(s)
Links to Equipment Depot Screen
Selected Assault Teams
Links to Assault Team Progression Screen
Links to Assault Team Purchasing Screen

frequently asked questions[]

Can I get additional soldiers?

Of course. You can buy additional soldiers with credits or gold. Buying with gold allows you to academy train a soldier which means you directly buy a career path soldier(pilot/tanker/paratrooper/recon) without having to increase their rank. They cannot however be transferred to another branch if bought with gold. If you buy them with credits, you first must rank them up to the desired career path, then purchase the career path.

How do I buy more soldiers?

On the main screen in the bottom right, there is an icon that you can click on to buy an additional soldier. A new level 0 soldier will cost 7100 credits. Once the soldier is bought, you will be able to scroll through your characters on the main screen and in game during the spawn screen on the bottom left.

Are weapons shared among soldiers?

No. Just like rank, everything about a soldier is independent of each other. You must level up each soldier, buy their weapons and vehicles, and level up their ribbons and badges separately.

Why can't I play my tanker/pilot/recon/paratrooper in my matches?

Unless the generals send the required AT's for you to use your non infantry soldiers you will not be able to play them in your match. While you are in a match, if you press tab and look at the bottom of the scoreboard you can see some of the AT's that are in your match.
Character Selection.png
For example this match has infantry, motorized infantry, and motorized recon available. So if you had a recon soldier, you would be able to use him in this match. The campaign maps are rarely ever balanced in terms of the types of assault teams in them, so expect the battles to be lopsided, but that doesn't necessarily mean the battle is easily decided.

Weapons and Equipment Screen[]

Weapons And Equipment Screen.

On this screen the player has an overview of all the weapons and equipment in his arsenal available for that particular character.

  • Buy Skins for weapons if applicable
  • Add/Remove Ammo pounches
  • Name The Weapon
  • Modify The Weapon With Earned Modifications
  • Refill Modified Ammo
  • Purchase New Weapons/Equipment
  • Equip/Unequip Owned Weapons/Equipment
  • Access the Equipment Depot

Equipment Points[]

Understanding equipment points will give you better options for different load outs on your characters. Some load-outs are unique and require the badge Hoarder to unlock normally unobtainable combinations.

Detailed Equipment Points[]

See Equipment Points

Modify Ammunition Loadout[]

Modify Ammo Pouches

Modifying the number of pouches of ammo your character is carrying can drastically impact the Action Game.

Weapon Ammo Change.png

Increasing the ammo amount will remove some of your max possible stamina and take up more equipment points, while reducing the amount of ammo will do the opposite. This allows for some unique combinations in terms of character loadouts. For example, it is impossible to use a sub machine gun with a bazooka unless you take no extra pouches with one of them and a single pouch with the other. To help offset the reduction in ammo you can equip the Hoarder Badge in the Combat Badges. This adds an additional 1/2/3 clips(not pouches) of ammo for all types other than pistol ammunition.

Weapon Customization Screen[]

Here the player can upgrade and customize personal weapons.

Weapons Modifications Screen.

Common Questions[]

What exactly is a weapon modification?

Weapon mods allow you to change the stats on your weapons. Some weapons are affected more by these changes than others and some upgrades are recommended over others based on the category of weapon.

They are locked, how do I unlocked them?

As you use weapons, you earn Combat Ribbon experience for that weapon type on that specific character. As you progress, you will unlock the different types of mods at their respective ribbon grades. Once you unlock a mod type on a weapon class(Semi-Auto Rifles, etc), you can then buy the mods for any weapons in that category on that character only.

Is this free?

No. Weapon mods have a static one time cost to buy the upgrade. Then each time you use this weapon, it gets damaged and requires repairs. This is Reto's way of trying to control the usage of weapon mods. In other words, with a fully modded weapon with ammo, you will more then likely break even with credits per game or possibly lose credits. So be cautious with going overboard with weapon modifications.

Do I have to buy weapon modifications for all weapons?

Yes. Each time you buy a new weapon on a soldier, if the weapon modifications are available you must buy them for each gun type. Weapon mods can be unequipped from one weapon and used on another in the same category(you can take a trigger off your mp34 and install it on your mp40, but it can't be on both at the same time)

Do weapon modifications unlock for all my characters?

No. Each character levels up ribbons individually, which means each character unlocks weapon modifications individually. Proper planning is important when deciding what role you want that character to play on the battlefield(it is pointless to work on the LMG ribbon for an american paratrooper since they can't use LMGs, etc).

Available Mods[]

What are the available weapon modifications?

At most, the available upgrades for each weapon are:
  • Trigger
  • Barrel
  • Sight
  • Internal
  • Ammo

Each weapon modification has a positive and negative benefit:

  • Damage
  • Range
  • Rate of Fire (RoF)
  • Precision
  • Stability

Precision is often more important for rifles, but other gun types benefit from it too.
Stability is usually more important for SMGs and LMGs, however some rifle setups can have heavy recoil due to lack of stability.

Weapon Modification in Detail[]

For a more in-depth look at weapon modifications head over to Weapon Modifications

Assault Team Screen[]

AT screen.png

The assault teams screen has changed quite a bit with the Rommel build. Now in order to access the assault teams you have to click on each individual soldier (if they are rank 12 or higher because only those soldiers can control assault teams) and select the assault teams tab in the character screen (heroes screen). Clicking on the space where you can equip and buy assault team(s).

Buying Assault Teams[]

Once you click on the screen where your equipped assault teams will go, you will come to the Assault teams main screen. From here you can buy, equip, switch, upgrade, rename your assault teams. You can also see the current rank progression of each assault team linked to that character. It should be noted that assault teams are limited based on the character you have currently selected. For example, infantry characters can only equip/buy infantry assault teams. The options will be marked out with x's if you cannot buy those particular kinds of assault teams. Generals however, can purchase all types of assault teams as they are the main character for the campaign portion of the game.

Rank Progression[]

At chart.png

As you use your assault teams, regardless if you actually play in them or other players do, they will earn experience. Assault teams will start out at rank 0 and can reach rank 3 over time. Each rank takes longer to earn experience towards the next rank. Once you reach the the next rank, command point permitting, you can upgrade your unit to the next type. Looking at the Assault team progression screen will show you which upgrades are possible at which rank and the cost of upgrading them on that pathway.

Options Screen[]

Options screen.png

There are three icons in the top right corner that contain the options screens.

  • Mute Sound on the interface
  • Menu Options
  • Logout

Menu Options[]

Clicking on the gear icon will open the menu options. In this screen you have three main options: Help, Settings, and Redeem Voucher.

  • Help
    • Game Information
      • Game News
      • Important Messages
      • Game Guide
    • Customer Support
      • Get Help From Support
    • Game Community
      • Wiki
      • Forums
  • Settings
    • Music & SoundFX
    • Campaign
    • Miscellaneous
    • Chat
  • Redeem Voucher

Player Account Screen[]


The player account screen shows information about veteran status, which tier you currently are, buying war-bonds, and account management link.

War Bonds