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Az előszoba[]

The game lobby system consists of a number of 'screens' each with their own functionality. Some screens are for adjusting user settings and some are for direct interaction with the game.

The main screens are accessed via the big header buttons at the top of the screen. Secondary screens are accessed via the main screens.

The lobby system is currently purely Flash-based but will with time be available (whole or in parts) on mobile platforms.

Kampány menü[]

The Campaign Screen.

The Campaign screen gives you an overview of the current state of the war. It is also from here that a commander can initiate direct attacks. More complex commands are conducted from the Command Screen (only available to players of commander rank).

It consists of 3 main parts:

  • The War-Map. A large interactive map of the theatre of war.
  • Mission List Sidebar (to the right)
  • Map Item Details Sidebar (to the right)


  • Pan the map by click-dragging (outside of any units or battlefields).
  • Zoom the map in and out using the mouse wheel.

Karakter menü[]

The Soldier Screen.

On this screen you can inspect and equip your soliders (actiongame characters). This screen links to several other screens like the equipment screen and achievement screen.

Felszerelés menü[]

The Soldier Screen.

On this screen the player have an overview of all the weapons in his arsenal. He can equip the weapons on his caracters from here. From here he can also go to the weapon customization screen where he can change the balance of the weapons.

Fegyver testreszabás menü[]

The Soldier Screen.

Here the player can upgrade and customize personal weapons.

Rohamosztag (AT) menü[]

The Assault-Team Screen.

The Assault-Team screen is available to all players who are leaders of an assault team. On this screen the player can get an overview of his assault teams, their current state and resources and where they are located.

Parancsnoki menü[]

The Command Screen.

When you are owner of one or more strategic commands you will have full access to the command screen. From here you can manage army resources and issue orders to your subordinate assault teams.

The main elements of the Command Screen

A parancsnoki szerkezet[]

The tree view on the main area of the screen displays where the command sits in the entire organization of the army. You can pan and zoom around to see other areas of the structure in the same way as the campaign map is navigated (double-click returns to original position/zoom).

There are mainly 2 parts that are interesting here; Subordinates and Reserves. Subordinates are the assault teams under your command and reserves are un-allocated reserve units.

Dragging a reserve unit icon on top of an assault team will transfer army resources to reinforce the assault team to it's maximum of the given type.

Parancsnoki rendszer részletesen[]

To the right on the screen is a list of the possible 3 different commands that a player can own. From here he can create new commands and delete existing ones. Change Superior :Enables the player to choose a new superior for the command. Transfer Command :Enables the player to hand over the command to another player.

Rohamosztagok (AT) részletesen[]

Clicking on an assault team icon in the command structure will update the details view to the left on the screen.

Háborús hírek menü[]

The war-news screen provide new updates on current battles and the general progress of the war.

Beállítások menü[]

Felhasználói menü[]

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