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Welcome to the Heroes & Generals (H&G) getting started guide!

Heroes & Generals consists of two major parts. One part is the Heroes, a multiplayer first person shooter. The other part, Generals, is a massive multiplayer real-time strategy game. This can be a lot to absorb, so this page exists to assist in the learning curve.

The Generals part of the game requires high-ranked soldiers, so it's limited to the more experienced players. Therefore, in this tutorial, we will be focusing on the Heroes part of the game. Don’t worry though, if you follow this tutorial, you will be a General in no time!

Getting Started[]

Technical Requirements[]

Once you are sure your machine meets the necessary hardware/driver requirements which can be found here, you need to register an account. Registering will give you the username and password needed to log into the game. You can register by visiting this page.


If you are logging in for the first time or if the war has recently ended, you will need to choose a war. At present, there is only one war. But when there are more players online, more wars will be available to join.

Character Interface[]

Once you logged in the game and chose your first soldier, you will see the main interface or "Heroes" tab which includes numerous options. Character Interface.png
Soldier screen.jpg

Let us go through all the numbers and buttons.

  1. Bulletin. The most recent game news and articles are shown here.
  2. Heroes tab. Here you can change your loadout, customize your soldier, buy weapons, get into a battle and many many other things.
  3. Generals tab. As soon as you reach Player Level 10, you will be able to open the ''Generals'' tab which includes the RTS War map. More info about ''War'' down below.
  4. Progression tab. In progression tab you can see on what Player Level you are on, the higher the level the more gamemodes and soldier types you unlock.
  5. Store tab. In the store you can purchase a lot of things such as weapons, vehicles and camouflages. bundles and many more things
  6. Player level. This just redirects you to the progression tab. See No.4 for some info.
  7. Currency. Heroes and Generals has 3 types of currencies, on the left-hand side there are the Credits, on the middle there are the Warfunds and on the right-hand side there is the Gold.
    1. Credits are the most common in-game currency earned through playing the FPS. With credits, you can purchase almost everything in the game - including new soldiers and veteran membership.
    2. Warfunds are the second type of in-game currency. It is earned and used in the War effort. You are able to earn Warfunds by playing War battles once you reach player level 10.
    3. Gold. This kind of currency can be purchased with real money and can be used everywhere. Also, you receive free 4 gold after finishing your first battle each day.
  8. Player username, Faction icon and veteran membership status.
    1. Player's username. No further explaination.
    2. Faction icon. The faction that you will join on war will be displayed here.
    3. Veteran membership status. Once you purchase Veteran Membership, you will see its current status. By clicking on the line, you will receive full information about your veteran membership.
  9. Notifications, Messages and Friends list
    1. Notifications. Here you will receive important notifications: weapon repair costs, battle summary, and more.
    2. Messages. You are able to send and receive instant private messages with online players or send and receive mail that can be received even while offline. A small number on the icon will indicate any new messages received.
    3. Friends list. Here you can see which of your friends are online and invite them to your squad. As well as adding new ones.
  10. Options. Here you find all kinds of settings and helpful links.
  11. Faction fliter. By clicking on one of the 3 faction images you can sort your soldiers by faction.
  12. The name of a soldier. You can always customize your soldier by changing his name for some Credits.
  13. Experience. It displays amount of experience that your soldier needs to get new rank. You can also click on the rank icon to open "ranks" window for more information.
  14. Equipment points. Weapons and extra ammunition take up equipment points, that means you can equip a limited amount of ammunition and guns, for Infantry the equipment points are 10, for a recon soldier its 7, but on paratroopers, fighter pilots and tank crewmen its only 6.
  15. Field maintenace. Field maintenace is the penalty counted in seconds which prevents the player from re-deploying instantly, the more good and deadly weapon a soldier has the more time it takes to re-deploy him.
  16. By pressing these buttons you can see weapons, combat badges, vehicles, camouflage and assault teams currently equipped on your character.
  17. List of equipment that is owned by your soldier or able to purchase.
  18. Equipment depot. Once you promote your soldier to General, all his equipment will be placed here. Equipment can also be transferred at will to the depot at half the cost of purchase. You can spread equipment among other soldiers but they have to meet the requirements of particular equipment.
  19. Soldier filter. You can filter your soldier list to only display one type.
  20. By pressing these buttons you can see weapons, combat badges, vehicles, camouflage and assault teams currently equipped on your character.
  21. Player's soldiers. Here you can select one of your soldiers and go to a battle.
  22. Weapons list. Here you can see current set up of your soldier. You can change soldier's set up by using the "drag and drop" function. Players without veteran membership have 3 slots instead of 4.
  23. Next unlocks and Ribbon overview
    1. Next unlocks. By playing the game, you will unlock a lot of stuff. The closest unlocks are shown in here.
    2. Ribbon overview. By clicking on the ribbon overview button you can see all of your ribbon's progressions, you can also buy and use a ribbon booster to unlock something faster.
  24. Soldier filter. You can filter your soldier list to only display one type.
  25. Badges. Here you can equip badges for better soldier performance. Players without veteran membership can equip only 1 badge instead of 2.
  26. Game chat. You can always chat with other players or create a specific chat room and use it with your friends.
  27. Squad settings. Here you can adjust your squad, like adding a new name and adding friends.
  28. Your squad. Here you can see some information for your squadmates and also invite some friends, full info about squadmates can be accsessed by clicking the icon No27. More information about squads.
  29. TO BATTLE! button. The main button which allows you to join battles.

Time to Squad Up and Go to Battle![]

Looking to join a battle? Click on the TO BATTLE! button in the bottom right corner to open the Map & Filter selection.

First Battle
To Battle.png

1. There are different game modes to choose from. When you're first starting out, only the 'First Encounter' game mode is available.

  • You unlock more game modes as you increase your Player Level.
  • Battles on First Encounter will be against AI Bots to ease you into the game. Once you have unlock other game modes, you'll be up against real players.

2. Once you click on one of the battle types (Blue Box), you will enter match-making.


More info on Squads and Squad Leader.

First Squad

1. Through the squad button, access the squad menu (Blue Box)

2. To invite friends to your squad, use the '+' symbol on the bottom or add them in the squad player list. (Red Box)

  • You can only add players that are on your friend list.

3. Once you've gathered your friends, use the TO BATTLE! button to select a game mode. (Black Box)

  • You will always be part of a squad. If you join a battle without being in one, you will be automatically matched into a random squad.


Upon joining a battle a box will appear with details of the battle you have joined.

Blue Box - Battle Type and Battle Location. In a Skirmish or Capture and Hold as this battle is, it is identified by the nearest city and the which line the supply line where the skirmish has occurred connects to, in this case E.

Purple Box - Hovering over each of these with you mouse, from left to right will tell you your role (Attacker, Defender or Capture and Hold), the time of day and the weather.

Red Box - Here you will see a loading bar indicating progress loading into the battle.

Green Box - From left to right, the magnifying glass will show the battle location on the war map, the eye opens and closes the popup and the flag withdraws you from the battle.

White Box - Here you can see your battle specific objectives

Maps - On the left you can see a zoomed in version of the war map indicating the general area where you battle is taking place and to the right you can see an overview of the map you will be playing on showing the two factions, the capture points and the main objectives.

Resources - If you click on this tab, you will be able to see the resources available in your battle.

Details - Here you will be able to see a list of players in your battle.

Squads in War[]

In war, unlike in staged battles, you have the ability to queue up for specific battles.
In order to do so, you have to open the war map, look at the ongoing battles (burning cities or burning points in between cities) and discuss with your squad which one you would like to join.
There are several criteria that have to be fulfilled to be able to join as well as a way to increase your chance of getting in. More information on that: Joining Specific War Battles

Game Modes[]

As mentioned at the beginning of Time to Squad Up and Go to Battle, you gradually unlock more game modes as you level up your Player Level.

  • You gain progress in the player levels by increasing your score which is done by playing the action game with any kind of soldier.

There are two categories of game modes: Staged Battles and War Battles. Both categories feature all game modes and all maps.

  • For a more detailed look at the game modes and mechanics of the Action game view the Action Rules.

Staged Battles[]

To Battle Staged.png

In staged battles, there are plentiful resources and the outcome does not affect the war in any way.
The battles are generated randomly and the resources are created and provided by the server.

  • It is highly recommended to play staged battles to get used to the game, the maps, weapons, vehicles, etc. before playing war battles.

First Encounter[]

To Battle Encounter.png

Available from the very beginning (player level 1), this fast-paced game mode is meant to introduce new players to the game.

  • There is 1 spawn area for each team and 1 objective (Objective 01).
  • Whichever team holds the Objective for the longest wins the battle (when the bar at the top is full).
  • Only infantry may participate in this game mode.
  • Battles last for around 10 minutes.
  • Read more about this game mode: Encounter



To Battle Skirm.png

Once you reach player level 2, the Skirmish game mode is permanently unlocked for your account.

  • There is 1 spawn area for each team and 3 objectives.
  • The goal is to hold more objectives than the other team until the bar at the top is full.
  • The following soldier types may participate if the corresponding resources are available: Infantryman, Tank Crewman and Recon
  • Battles generally last for 7 - 20 minutes.
  • Read more about this game mode: Skirmish



To Battle Assault.png

Once you reach player level 5, the Assault game mode is permanently unlocked for your account.
The goal for the attacking team is to capture all objectives (labeled with 'O').
In order to do so, attackers have to advance from different lines. They start on an access point and capture points until they are able to attack an objective. Defenders however have to hold the objective and push the attackers back.
Usually there are 2 objectives, but the Airfield and the Forward Airfield maps have 3.


  • The lines from which the attacking team assaults vary. In war battles, this depends on connections from adjoining cities to the current city (if any), and whether Assault Teams have been sent.
  • Once a point is captured, the controlling team can spawn in a connected spawn area.
  • Certain vehicles like tanks, fighter planes and infantry support vehicles can only be spawned near an objective (e.g. 01) or an access point.
  • If the time limit (30 minutes) runs out while one team is holding one of the objectives, the game will enter sudden death. Whichever team captures all objectives first, wins the game.
  • Assaulting is generally harder than defending.
  • Every soldier type may participate if the corresponding resource, or assault team, is available.
  • Battles generally last for around 30 minutes.
  • Read more about this game mode: Assault

War Battles[]

To Battle War.png

Once you reach player level 10, the ability to join war battles is permanently unlocked for your account.
All of the game modes and maps described above are available in war battles; However, some are more common than others (Assault on Town and Mountain Town).

  • Because players themselves create war battles with assault teams using the campaign map, every battle is different.
  • Battles may be unfair in terms of the distribution of resources or the line of attack. Keep your chin up and make the best out of it, war is a challenge, not a vacation!

You earn +50% rank experience, +50% ribbon experience, +25% credits as well as warfunds which are exclusive to war battles and the Strategy Game.
However, it is highly recommended to play staged battles to get used to the game, the maps, weapons, vehicles, etc. before playing war battles. This way, you avoid wasting precious resources others paid for while you are acquainting yourself to the game, maps and/or weaponry.

Note: 'Quick Battle' will also send you to War battles if you are able to with the soldier currently selected.

War battles are set up by players.
Though not everyone can set up war battles, all players with a player level of 10 or higher can join war battles.

  • To set up a war battle, players have to send their own resources (assault teams) which is done on the war map as part of the Generals portion of Heroes & Generals.
  • Only players with at least one soldier above level 12 can purchase, equip and deploy assault teams.
  • More about the Generals portion: Strategy Game

Joining Specific War Battles[]

Apart from letting the match-maker find you a battle, you are able to choose your own battles on the war map.
In order to do so you first have to choose a faction for which you want to fight for the duration of the current war.
There are several conditions that have to be fulfilled to be able to queue for a specific battle:

Queue on War Battles

1. The available resources have to match you squad type and there have to be enough resources for the battle to be "fun" (Otherwise the battle won't start, more information: Battle Director).

2. If you're not by yourself, you have to be the squad leader to be able to queue up.

3. If all conditions are met, you'll be able to join the battle. Otherwise a "Missing Condition"-a warning will show above this button explaining to you what is wrong.
You can significantly increase your chances of getting into your desired battle if you or at least one of your squad members have at least 1 Assault Team in that battle. The bigger the total number of assault teams your squad has in that battle (which fit your squad type), the higher your chances of joining.

4. Check additional information like time, weather and ping here. If ongoing battles have a high ping for you, it may impair your game experience negatively.

How to fight[]

You shoot the enemy. You capture the objective. You coordinate with your teammates. Also, don't forget to whistle.


Here are some of the more useful controls. You might want to use these in your first battle.

See also Action Game Controls - a full list of game controls.

Important Controls

  • M = Map (right mouse click to zoom in/out). Use this to see where you are in relation to the objectives.
  • F = Whistle (this can be used to signal teammates when on foot). You can use this to ask a teammate in a vehicle to wait for you to board.
  • Mouse Wheel = Camera Angle / Position (used when in a vehicle)
  • B = Binoculars (requires you to have binoculars equipped) Binoculars are used by soldiers to better survey the battlefield and help spotting enemy units.


Heroes and Generals 08.11.2016 - 1470931938.gif After joining a battle, you will be put into a squad. Depending on your level and other factors, you will either be a Squad Leader or become a squad member. As a squad leader, you will be able to give orders out by pressing 'Q'. While holding 'Q', move your cursor to the desired location and press left mouse button to confirm your order. Available orders and how to issue them:
  • Attack - Neutral or enemy controlled points
  • Defend - Friendly controlled points
  • Rally - Can be issued anywhere
  • Clear Area - Exclusive for tank and pilot squads.

If you would like to dismiss a squad member or leave the squad, you just need to go to the scoreboard (default 'Tab'), then either find yourself on the scoreboard then press left mouse button and select 'Leave Squad', or select the member of squad you like to dismiss, press left mouse button to dismiss the member from your squad.

  • You can only give out orders with a soldier that is at least rank 5.
  • Additional experience are given to both squad leader and squad member(s) when orders have been executed.
  • During the battle, you won't be able to get back into a squad after leaving a squad. For squad leader, the squad spot would be locked for the rest of the match after one of the member being dismissed. So think twice before you leave/dismiss someone from the squad.
  • You can also report players for any suspicious behaviour in game. 'Report' option also can be found through scoreboard by clicking on the specific player.


You can spawn near any point your team has captured.

If you like to spawn as another type of a soldier (ex. tank crewman) and the desired resource is available, you can select the other soldier through your soldier list.

Assault Team Spawns:

  • Pilots spawn in a plane.
  • Paratroopers must choose a capture point as destination where their transport planes will fly to, then will spawn in the plane, and be able to jump out when it reaches the point, (or before, if needs be) unless the para planes have ran out. If the team resources have ran out of transport planes, then paratroopers will spawn the same way as regular infantry.
  • Tank Crewman can spawn in a tank near the main objectives or access point, or as a passenger in a tank driven by a friendly tanker.
  • Infantryman can spawn in Terrain Vehicles, Motorcycles and Infantry Support Vehicles.
Select aux.gif
Play under spawn protection.png
An infantry under spawn protection
  • After spawning as an infantry, you will remain invulnerable inside the protecting zone until the moment you fire your weapon or leave the protecting zone.
  • Tanks cannot spawn from every point, only the main objectives (e.g. O1, O2, O3) and access points (e.g. A1, B1, C1,)
  • Planes can only spawn at main objective points and access points (e.g. A1, B1, C1) where they will spawn in the air behind the access point.


In order to capture a point, you must be within the radius of the capture zone (normally within the fences,walls etc). When you get inside the capture zone, a circle with the capture point's letter and number appears on the UI, along with (a) red/blue number(s). The blue number represents the amount of friendly soldiers inside the capture point, and the red represents the amount of enemies. The higher the amount of allies you have inside the capture point (the blue number) the quicker you will capture the point. However, if there are an equal amount of allies and enemies inside the capture point, the counter will stop - it will remain at its current status. E.g. if you are attacking A3, an enemy point, and there is one enemy inside as well, the capture point status would get contested but it will remain the enemies' point. In order to capture the point, you must remain inside the point, kill any enemies inside the capture zone and defend until the circle at the top of the screen is fully surrounded by blue.
Cap point.png
Capture Counter
  • Note there's 'Attack' order above the counter, indicating the squad leader's order.
  • Points are needed to be captured in certain order.
  • Team needs to follow the number order, step by step connecting all objectives towards main objectives. (O1 or O2)


The primary way to defend a capture point is to prevent enemies from getting into the capture zone. However, if enemies got inside the capture zone, they will start capturing the point. You need to either eliminate all enemies inside, or, get inside the capture zone to slow down enemies' capture timer and wait for reinforcements. To reward players for defending capture zones, you will receive extra 10 Exp bonus point for each opponent you eliminate inside a CONTESTED capture zone. Use cover to your advantage, setting up Anti-Personel mines or cover the entrances. Use whatever way to help you defend the capture point.

It is advised to use machine guns or sub-machine guns if you are planning to defend the objectives from inside. These weapons are ideal for close quarter combat. Anti-personnel mines can be placed inside or near the entrances, but can also be placed in the direction where you expect your opponents to come from. However anti-personel mines are rather expensive to maintain. Plus your teamates can trigger it as well, so use them wisely.

Also be advised that anti-tank mines will NOT be triggered by players on foot, so do not place them in buildings unless you are planning to trigger them manually by shooting at them as enemies walk by.

Contested Cap.png
A capture point that is being contested
  • Note the progression circle stays where it is due to the same amount of enemy and friendly soldiers inside the capture zone.


It is important to get to know the layout of the map when attacking. There are many medical/ammo/anti-tank supply crates scattered on the battlefield (they are usually close to capture points). You're also able to equip vehicles with crates. Use them as you can. You can find out if you have any of these items nearby by pressing 'M' button to display your battlefield map. Then press zoom in (default is right mouse button) to see if there's any crates around you.

Rushing straight towards the next objective is the quickest way to capture. However if you encounter heavy enemy fire on the way, it might be good idea to think about a flanking maneuver. Many of the maps in game allow you to flank the enemies: swimming, use other bridges or access points. Because players tend to put more attentions on direct access roads/bridges towards the objective, you may achieve unexpected result from flanking.
When you reach the objective, you will be rewarded for each enemy you eliminate inside the contested capture zone by 10 additional exp. You will receive great amount of bonuses when you neutralize/capture objectives. You should also be advised about enemy counter attacks on your current objective. You can not capture the next objective without your current one, so always keep eyes on it and always have 2-3 players defend it.
Close quarter weapons and grenades are very helpful for clearing an objective. Due to the enemies defending capture zones, they will have better cover advantages over you, so grenades are good ways to flush the enemy out from covers. However, grenades can damage/kill friendly troopers too. So it is not wise to throw them into an objective while it is being contested by friendly soldiers.

In short, having map awareness and a capture-oriented load-out allows you to advance along capture lines much more efficiently, hopefully leading to a victory.

For more information about maps look here.

Map new.png
  • Little symbols on map indicate medic crates, ammo crates and anti-tank crates.
  • The symbols are also explained in the top part of the map.

General strategy for infantryman[]

There are different ways to play this game as infantry. As we know, infantry is the main core of an army and without it it's impossible to win whether you attack or defend.
Condition - Capture: You can help your team by pushing with them or defending the last conquered point. Both actions are equally important because you can't capture the next point if you lose the previous one!
If your teammates are moving forward and you stay behind camping, trying to find someone to kill, "You are not helping your team", "You are not going to get much experience, credits or points to unlock ribbons". Sometimes killing enemy soldiers is a little useful towards victory as it drains the enemy spawn tickets/lives (lives from the assault team). You do not get a lot of experience for killing soldiers (outside of a capture zone) but it does help you leveling up your gun and unlocking new guns.

Situation and Instruction: You spawn at C1 with your teammates and you have C2, C3 and C4 ahead. One guy to capture C2, the others move straight to C3. Half will guard it and the other half will fight their way to C4. This can be changed by planes and tanks, maybe easy or maybe harder.
It's hard to see good team play. If you spot good players or squads, try to work with them.

You spawned at random spawn point and you see the road to the next capture point is blocked by heavy defense. Use any mean of transport to go around that defense to either get to the next capture point from behind or weaken their defense by taking out soldiers and vehicles (tanks, etc.).

Tanks, Mines and Planes[]

How to deal with Tanks[]

What do tanks do?

Tanks provides very safe protection to crews from gun fire. They often have very powerful cannons, which can be loaded with high-explosive shells, along with machine guns too. They can suppress infantry from distance, defend bridges, access points and eliminate vehicles but also combat enemy armors. However, a tanker's view is extremely limited due to the crew only being able to observe the surrounding environment through its scope and view port. So it is extremely easy to get flanked up close by infantry. That is why it is often advised to cover your teammate's tanks, to avoid enemies from using anti-tank equipment to destroy them.

How do I destroy a tank?

You need anti-tank weaponry to destroy weapons. There are hand held anti-tank rocket launchers (Panzerfaust 60) scattered across all maps. There are also rocket launchers, anti-tank mines and anti-tank grenades which you can unlock and purchase to use on your soldiers. The hand greanades do NOT deal any damage to tanks and armored vehicles, including Armored Personel Carriers (APC). So if there's an enemy tank in sight and you don't have any anti-tank weaponry at the time, do not waste your time and credits throwing hand grenades at them. Just simply mark its location by aiming at it for few seconds and let your other teamates know and deal with him or try to find anti-tank crates on the map (note: it takes around 3 shots from picked up anti-tank rocket launcher (Panzerfaust 60) to destroy a tank).

Anti-tank mines are best being used for defensive purpose. It only takes one single mine to kill any type of vehicle (from Cars to Heavy Tanks), as long as they drive right over it. Note: if an Anti-tank mine explodes next to a vehicle instead of below, it only deals about a third of its damage.

  • Tanks rear and side armor tend to be weaker than the front armor. Weapons like Anti-Tank rocket launchers and certain Anti-Tank grenades can only penetrate certain milimeters thick armor. So it is always a good idea to approach a tank from the side or rear.
  • Each tank has its own weakspots, try to get to know them and shot at their weakspots. It will guarantee a higher chance of penetration and let you destroy enemy armor more efficently.
Tank View Port Tank Sight
M10 View port.png M10 Sight.png
  • Note how limited the vision is from inside a tank.

How to place Anti-tank Mines[]

It is always a good idea to place some AT mines to prevent enemies from using vehicles to transport troops to the capture points. Especially between Number 3 and Number 4 points, where distances tend to be long. AT mines can be set up at flanking points to prevent enemies from showing up at your side or rear. For example, it is always a good idea to lay down some mines at the water crossing of B line when the enemies are attacking on C line (on the Town map).

Place your mines in the water, under shades or on terrian that has the similar texture as your AT mines texture will prevent enemies from discovering your AT mines.

AT mines being layed on Bridge.png
  • AT mines have around 4-5 metres of explosive radius, so it is a wise idea to have at least a 4 meter gap between two mines to avoide a chain reaction which also leads to a higher cost.
  • To cover maximum area while giving your allies chances to drove by them, lay down mines in triangle shape or 'S' shape is always a good idea.
Anti-Tank Mines Being Placed on Bridge
  • Note AT mines are being layed in the shape of 'S' and under the shade but also having some gaps between one and another.

How to deal with Anti-tank Mines[]

If you're within a 25 m radius to a friendly mine, you will see it marked as such with a red skull (see image). So do not destroy them unless they leave you no other possible way to advance (You can destroy them by shooting them). When you see friendly mines, be careful not to walk/drive over them because they will detonate and kill you. Usually, most people will lay mines in a pattern so that you can navigate around them safely.

If you happen to spot enemy mines, disable them by shooting at them. If they are placed in shallow water, bullets may not be able to scratch them. In that case, use any kind of grenade to detonate them.

How to deal with anti-personel mines[]

AP mines.gif Anti-personel (AP) mines have much smaller explosive radius and only deal damage to soldiers. The trigger distance of AP mines are 2 metres, so if you like to squeeze by an AP mine, bare in mind to keep at least 3 metres distance between your soldier and the mine. TRY NOT TO DESTROY FRIENDLY MINES!! AP mines are very expensive to use, so do not shoot them unless you have been trapped and have no choices at all.

AP mines are small and can be difficult to discover, but it is still possible to look out for them. Placing down AP mines next to the door, down at corner of stairs or other more hidden spaces will minimise the chance of them being spotted by the enemies.
AP Mines are extremly expensive at around 1k credits for each mine you place!

Setting up AP mines inside the Capture point
  • Note the AP mine is being set up by the door step instead of right at the entrance.

How to deal with Planes[]

Why am I blown to smithereens by planes all the time?

Planes often have the altitude advantage, so they tend to have a great overview of the battlefield. They can easily pick out the targets to destroy. However, they do have their own limitation too - weather, trees, houses and also very loud engine noises. So, it is not difficult guess a plane's action.

Use Anti-Air Guns on map to counter planes. You may not be able to take down planes all the time but by using AA guns (which can be found near most of the main objectives and some capture points) you can put more pressures on enemy pilots, force them to change there tactics and also make them be more cautious about their strikes. Forcing them to repair can be better than destroying an aircraft as it takes more time before they can get back up in the air. If an AA gun is destroyed it only takes some minutes before is automatically replaced, so no worries.

  • Use trees to cover your advances. Roads are easier for vehicles but good pilots will always spot you on a road
  • Get into cover when you hear the plane's engine sound getting closer
  • Use flanking manuvour to avoid being seen

A successful career[]

Different Soldiers

The game has a variety of classes, which you can see in the picture below. This section covers the main roles of each class and some player-made variations that are common.

CN7HQtt (1).png

In Heroes and Generals it is better to have many different soldiers with diverse equipment sets rather than one soldier with everything, as you progress through the game you build your characters for suitable roles or your particular play-style.

  • Infantry is a flexible class and it is possible to have many different loadouts focused around close quarters combat, long range and anti-tank roles.
  • You probably won't need more than one tanker per faction.
  • Recon is a fairly basic class focused around bolt-action rifles, you won't need to make multiple of them for now.
  • Paratroopers can be given diverse loadouts (including anti-tank), though they are limited by fewer equipment points.
  • As a pilot you could have one plane fitted with high explosive shells and another crew with armour piercing.
  • Different classes have different rank insignia as seen next to the character icon.

Player level

With the new Player level system you can earn quite a bit of Gold, Credits and Warfunds. For more Information: Player Level

Money Making

Money making.PNG

There are a lot of ways to earn credits in the game but the best class is usually infantry due to their flexible approach to capturing objectives and destroying vehicles.


  • If you are trying to earn credits make sure to use as few modifications as possible on your guns to make the most credits.
  • Anti-tank roles are a good way to make credits, but be careful as using anti-tank weapons ineffectively can cost you!
  • The higher rank you are the more credits you will earn, so using more experienced soldiers can help you buy equipment for your newer characters.
  • As a beginner, you primary income most likely will be from your rank salary. Rank salary is measured by the hour and earned by total time spent alive in each game.
  • Capturing objectives and getting kills will earn you more money as well.
  • Getting more credits is also based on your Score ingame ex. you can get alot of score by capturing.

If you decide to equip scopes on any of your guns keep in mind they are fairly expensive to maintain, so make each shot count


  • Warfunds can be earned by commanding your troops in combat on the war map (General's tab in the menu).
  • You can earn them by playing war battles and destroying high value targets such as tanks, planes and other vehicles.


  • Gold is the premium currency in Heroes and Generals and can be bought through the store.
  • Once per day, you can earn 4 gold for simply participating in a battle.
  • Sometimes gold is given during giveaways or during special events, so check you inbox!

You can read more information about ranks and salary here.


Infantry is the backbone of any army and is always used in larger quantities than any other class in the game. Infantry has access to a very big variety of weapons and vehicles, so you always have different choices in terms of how you want to make that particular infantry character as you should make many of them for different roles (anti-tank, infantry sniper). You have a lot of possibilities with loadouts as well. Essentially, infantry does pretty much everything from defending objectives to attacking them, though always infantry will win the matches not any other class.

Infantry wiki.PNG
  • Buy and use the different infantry soldiers for different purposes because when you are in the game you can switch between those characters for what situation you need.
  • Always make sure to have at least one infantry soldier available to you. (If you branch out to other classes).
  • Even though infantry only starts with a simple Semi-Auto rifle, do not be discouraged by this as it is a powerful weapon when modified with proper ammo or the scout 2 barrel - increasing the damage enough for the gun to be able to 2 hit kill anyone!
  • As you can see from the picture, infantry and any class in the game can be bought as Lieutenant (Level 12) or as Major (Level 15).

Tank crewman[]

Tank crewman's task is to support the infantry's advance, but a tanker's main objective always is to destroy other tanks in the battlefield and then support his team's infantry. As a tank crewman, you should always consider having a wrench with you to repair your tank and a pistol, later, on, to defend yourself from those people who want to destroy your tanks. Try to learn different tanks exports while you are in battles.

Tanker wiki.PNG
  • Tank crewman should always carry a wrench if possible to repair the tank.
  • Tank crewman's primary objective is to destroy other tank's
  • Binocular's can be helpful to a tanker to locate very long range target's
  • Carrying a pistol might be helpful if someone tries to destroy your tank or if you need to defend yourself.
  • You can press the space bar once while aiming at target's to auto adjust your range.
  • Also note that different type's of tanks are good in different thing's, such as a tank destroyer is good at destroying tanks but it has a harder time helping infantry.

Fighter Pilot[]

Fighter pilots essentially have the same job as a tank crewman would have. Their main objective is to destroy enemy planes first, then provide air support for the advancing infantry. It is recommended as well to carry a wrench on your pilot. Do not be discouraged by how hard it is to learn to fly at first you really have to give it time.

Your plane has a choice of using High Explosive rounds or the Armour-piercing, composite rigid ammunition. Now, the high explosive rounds are best used for ground targets and supporting infantry, but the armour piercing are more effective against the planes and the tanks on the ground. But, don't worry, you will always have your normal Machine gun on your plane with 1000 rounds to shoot down other planes.

Fighter pilot wiki.PNG
  • It is useful to carry a wrench as pilot to land and repair your plane after taking damage make sure to find a nice open spot for getting back into the air.
  • By pressing (Shift) in-game you can use the debug controls to fly more smoothly!
  • Having a sidearm sometimes can prove very useful to you if you happen to jump out of your plane to the ground.
  • You have a choice between Armour-piercing, composite rigid or the High explosive ammunition on your plane.

Controls and Throttle More in depth

Plane modes.PNG
  • As a fighter pilot you have three options for controls.
  • First control mode is controlling the plane by the camera itself
  • Second is controlling the plane by the crosshair (Note that both of these modes use the mouse to control the planes direction)
  • The third is the classic mode which is used by pressing shift to use debug controls to move smoothly when turning, allowing very much precisely to do what you want.

Throttle modes planes.PNG
  • Fighter pilots also have three different options for throttle.
  • First option for throttle is automatic which automaticly always goes back to the optimal speed for the plane.
  • Second option is the step mode which simply allows you to press W and S to go lower or faster in speed but in certain steps.
  • Third option is the smooth option which allows you to just press W and S to smoothly go up and down in the throttle allowing you to completely choose your speed how you want it.


Paratroopers are light infantry that jumps from the transport planes to objectives to capture them and then essentially defend and move to the next objectives. Paratroopers have some special equipment depending on what faction you're playing in the game.

Paratrooper wiki.PNG
  • You can make multiple paratroopers to give them different loadouts depending if you need something like anti-tank.
  • Paratroopers can use a badge called free fall to choose freely when they want to deploy their chute.
  • Paratroopers have special weapons such as Fallschimjägergewehr 42 and M1 Carbine , M1A1 Carbine.
  • Paratroopers can be either grounded paratroopers or in the air using their transport planes.


Recon's job in the game is to try and spot enemies for his team and hold down areas if possible with his sniper rifle and the 8x Unertl scope. As recon, remember to relocate often after killing enemies because they will try to hunt you down.

Recon wiki.PNG

Keep in mind if you buy an academy trained recon, it only comes with the lower zoom scope to start. Ranking up the Bolt action rifle specialist ribbons will get you to the one hit kill modding capabilities and the better scopes.

  • Carrying sidearm is useful as recon too.
  • Switch positions often if you kill a lot of enemies they will try to hunt you down
  • The 8x scopes are expensive to repair. Keep that in mind when shooting!
  • Don't forget to spot enemies for your team if you can!
  • Use your camoflage to your advantage when hiding from people it is effective.
  • Recon has access to special infantry fighting vehicles such as Sonderkraftfahrzeug 222 , M8 Greyhound , GAZ BA-64 and BA-6


Overall Tips[]

  • Simply Enter Battle and let the fun begin! From the get-go, your Infantryman will be equipped with your chosen faction's unique semi-automatic rifle. It can be a very powerful weapon and here are 5 Tips on how to get the most out of your Semi-Auto Weapon from Reto.Circinus.
  • Each Hero can be a different adventure. On your way, you will unlock exciting new modifications, weapons, and vehicles - each with their own unique advantages and disadvantages. You can even develop special abilities with badges to enhance your Heroes. The choice is yours!
  • The in-game Economy in Heroes and Generals is an important and valuable aspect of the game. Everything (except Warbonds) has been made purchasable with in-game credits so nothing is locked behind a pay-wall beyond your reach. Keep in mind that higher ranked soldiers earn a greater base salary and that your actions in-game influence the credits you will earn as well as the credits you will use to repair your equipment. For example, capturing objectives will earn you more credits while over-usage of explosives and modified equipment can cost you in repairs.
  • The base salary only applies when you are active in a battle. So, being AFK or unhelpful in a game is not only hurting your team, you'll be missing out on credits you could have been earning by being active and helpful to your team.
  • Pricier items are not necessarily upgrades over more affordable items. Each different item you acquire on your journey adds diversity and adaptability to your game play.
  • For more information on how to make credits, take a look at these 5 helpful tips from Reto.Circinus!
  • Just because Specialist Classes are unlocked at a higher Player Level, it does not necessarily mean they are more powerful than Infantry in every way. You will need to learn what classes are best used in what situations, how to use each class, and adjust accordingly.
  • Once you enter battle, you will only have access to the weapons currently equipped on each of the characters you entered the battle with. Therefore, it can also be beneficial in the long run to create multiple characters of the same class with different loadouts so that you are able to adjust on the fly depending on the situation.
  • Here are a few more helpful tips for Getting Started from the great Reto.Circinus.

Gameplay Tips[]

  • When moving from one objective to the other, it could be beneficial to avoid high-traffic areas that may have anti-vehicle mines, or may be in the sights of a tank or Recon.
  • Do not wait too long for people to get onto a single jeep. Airplanes will target Vehicles with large amounts of people!
  • The best way to get onto vehicles (even while moving at high speeds) is to Jump and spam E(or your 'Use' key) as they're passing by. With some practice, you can get into fast moving vehicles very effectively.
  • Make friends and use them. A team of six uncoordinated people with every resource can easily be beaten by a team of six coordinated people with nothing.
  • After capturing a point, avoid simply moving on to the next one. Enemies may contest your point, which can ruin your progress.
  • Become familiarized with the weapons that work well in certain situations.
  • Use combat badges that compliment your play style - don't equip a Nimble badge if you aren't sneaking up on anyone!
  • Do not throw anti-personnel grenades at tanks - it doesn't damage them, but they will be alerted to your position.
  • Swimming is a time-heavy endeavor, and can put you in risky situations. Only swim if you have to, or find another way to cross water. You can also use an amphibious vehicle to get several teammates across for a coordinated flanking effort.
  • Don't stand on top of or next to enemy tanks being targeted by friendly Airplanes or friendly Tanks, or you may be teamkilled!
  • Use transport vehicles to speed up movement of the team.
  • When using a Vehicle, add Supply Crates to help your team deal with Tanks or infantry!
  • Utilize the Bicycle, a free and common transport method. If you are deep in enemy territory, you can't spawn in a vehicle. So, take one and ride away!
  • When in any vehicle, press CTRL (or whatever key is bound for Crouching) to duck from enemy fire. Keep in mind, however, if you are in a turret you cannot fire, nor can you enter third person.
More tips can be found Here

Frequently Asked Questions and Other Helpful Information[]

For the full list of Frequently Asked Questions and other helpful information, please visit the official Heroes and Generals subforum linked here.

Heads-Up Display[]

Here is a link to a news post detailing the GUI/HUD