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The Granatbüchse-39 is a grenade launching rifle converted from the Panzerbüchse-39 to enable the weapon to engage even heavy tanks. It uses a 7.92x94mm cartridge with a wooden bullet to launch a muzzle-loaded anti-tank grenade.
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The 7.92 mm Granatbüchse-39 (GrB 39) was a cut down and altered version of the Panzerbüchse-39 (PzB 39), which was first developed as an improvement of PzB 38. The GrB 39 has a cut down barrel and a Schiessbecher ("firing cup") attached to the front. The Schiessbecher could fire anti-personnel, anti-tank and large-diameter anti-tank grenades, which were propelled by a special cartridge. These cartridges had a wooden bullet (instead of lead) that made sure no one was accidentally shot. There would be pressure from the cartridge, as in a real bullet, which ejected the grenade out of the Schiessbecher at a high speed. It could penetrate up to 100 mm of armor. The ammo was designated as 7.92x94 Patronen and the grenades called by their names.

Anti-tank rifles originate from 1917 when Mauser built the 1918 T-Gewehr, the world's first effective anti-tank rifle. Germany kept developing further models throughout the inter-war years. During the invasion of Germany into Poland in 1939, Polish troops didn't have great armor capacity or effectivity. Therefore, a bullet like the one in the PzB 39 could easily penetrate the Polish armor. So instead of giving each soldier a Panzerfaust, a unit got a PzB 39 and could easily destroy an armor colonne. Later in the war the weapon wasn't so effective and so most were then converted to GrB 39s, with an effective range of about 150 meters.


The Granatbüchse-39 is the first anti-tank grenade launcher unlocked the German faction, at rank 8 Tank Destruction. It's main use it to finish off damaged vehicles and take on lightly armored vehicles. With it's poor penetration against medium and heavy tanks, you will have a hard time destroying them. It is advisable to take some Panzerwurfminen with you or a set of Hafthohlladung to weaken the armor and then try to penetrate with the GrB 39. It's mainly effective from the back and on external fuel tanks, sometimes even barrels and tracks. Once a higher tier of anti-tank launchers is unlocked, its highly advisable to get it as you will then be able to take on medium and heavy tanks by your own.

Much like the Ampulomet Model 1941 it has a low bullet velocity so the player must lead their target should it be moving even if the target is close to the player. It is recommended to zero the sights at 100m so as to ensure it reaches the target and that most vehicle/tank engagements will occur beyond 50m. Due to its long reload time it is HIGHLY recommended to use Fast Reload or Iron Fist(for tanks) or Infantry First(for infantry spawned vehicles) in order to increase damage or damage per second. It is also recommended to bring pick up a free Panzerfaust 60 so as to potentially decrease the cost of using this weapon and allows for a second free hit.

The main reason to pick this anti-tank weapon is if the player does not want to risk killing themselves by being next or close to the enemy tank when using anti-tank grenades such as Hafthohlladung H3, Panzerwurfmine (L) RPG-43, or No.74.

You can zero the sights to 50, 75, 100, 125 or 150 meters accordingly. It's effective range however caps at about 100 meters.

It should be noted that as of writing this (update 1.19.1 Quality of Life) the bipod on this weapon does not function