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The Hafthohlladung H3.5 (also known as the 'Panzerknacker') is a magnetic shaped charge anti-tank grenade used by the German anti-tank soldiers. It requires a brave soldier willing to run up and place it on an enemy tank.
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The Hafthohlladung (H3 or H3.5) was the German army's solution to encountering enemy armor in the urban warfare of World War II. Once the supporting mechanized infantry had been cleared out, a tank was mostly defenseless against advancing infantry, but reaching the crew inside was a difficult prospect if they refused to surrender. To solve this problem, the Hafthohlladung was invented. The H3.5 uses a steel, cone-shaped charge with a bakelite film casing. The mine is raised above its intended target by the three magnetic iron legs, putting it at the perfect and appropriate arming distance for maximum penetration power. Later in the war, the Hafthohlladung was rendered obsolete by the light and disposable Panzerfaust anti-tank rocket launcher, as it could accompany most light units into battle.[1]


H3 is a niche alternative to thrown anti-tank grenades, both providing a lightweight solution for dispatching stationary ISV for frontline troops. It can also be used to deter tanks in close quarters but it is very risky to be used in such a way, as it requires the user to get within arm's reach to the enemy tank. One should not expect to take out a tank with H3 alone, as tankers can easily start fleeing when they hear the H3 being attached to their tank, outrunning the attacker within seconds, and the damage dealt will not be enough to immobilize the targeted tank in most cases.

Comparison to thrown anti-tank grenades[]

H3 has less penetration than the Panzerwurfmine Lang, and cannot be deployed without a target(can't be used as grenades), however it allows the user to target internal modules precisely, on top of having higher base damage, meaning that it will do more damage to the target per amount used.

Compared to No. 74, H3 has better damage and penetration simultaneously, while lacking the ability to be thrown.

H3 armpen.png

How to use them?[]

  1. Sneak around a tank, make sure that tanker hasn't spotted you!
  2. Hold left mouse button and come closer to the target
  3. When in appropriate range (app. 0,5m) the character will raise his hands a bit, it means that the grenade is ready to be placed
  4. Release LMB to place it on a weakspot (tank's tracks, Gun Breech, Gun Barrel or rear)
  5. Place one (Non-Tank) or two (Any Tank) as fast as possible
  6. Quickly run away to avoid explosion