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Heroes & Generals is a free to play, online war game developed by Reto-Moto with multiple gameplay modes (first-person shooter and strategy) accessible from multiple platforms. Play the game as the hero on the battlefield, the officer making the tactical decisions to win the battle, the general command devising the grand strategy and everything in between.


Game content[]


Heroes & Generals is currently in Open Beta. More information on progress is in the Development Roadmap page.

Hardware requirements[]

The current version of Heroes & Generals has some minimum requirements and a few pre-requisites that you should install

Minimum System Requirements Recommended System Requirements
CPU 2GHz CPU w.SSE3 instruction set - dual-core recommended CPU with a score > 3000 on this list – CPU Benchmarks
RAM 1.5 GB RAM – 2GB or more recommended 4 GB RAM
Video card Nvidia 7900 or above (with >512mb GPU RAM) ATI or Nvidia graphics adapter with >1gb RAM and a score >1000 on this list – Videocard Benchmarks
Operating system Windows XP, Vista or 7 Windows 7
Internet connection Internet connection speed 1/1 Mbit down/up respectively Internet connection speed 6/2 Mbit down/up respectively


  • Ensure that you are using Internet Explorer (32Bit), Firefox or Chrome as your internet browser and that you have Adobe Flash installed.
    • You can check that you have Adobe Flash by going here.
  • If you are using an NVIDIA GPU, please make sure you are running the newest driver.
    • Download it from NVIDIA here
  • If you are using an ATI GPU, please make sure you are running the latest driver.
    • Download it from ATI here
  • Check that you are on the latest version of DirectX, you can check that here.
  • Even if not prompted by the system, it is a good idea to reboot your machine after installing.

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