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Light Armor is a level 0 Assault Team with a movement speed of 1.0, and requires 1 Command Point. Once a Light Armor Assault Team reaches level 1, the commander of said Assault Team will have the ability to upgrade to either Medium Tank Destroyer, or Medium Armor. Medium Tank Destroyer, like Light Armor, requires 1 Command Point while Medium Armor (and level 2 Heavy Armor) requires 2 Command Points. Light Armor has a maximum of 20 Tank Crew resources, and 16 Light Armor resources.

AssaultTeam Armor.jpg
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Commanded By
Rank 12 Tank Crewman, General
Upgrades To

AssaultTeam MediumTankDestroyer.jpg AssaultTeam MediumArmor.jpg

Click AT icon to see upgrade.

Enables soldier type Enables vehicle types
GE Tank Crewman.png V 16.png V 38.png V 39.png V 27.png
Tank Crew Panzer I Ausf. A Panzer II Panzer 38(t) Panzer II Luchs
United States
Enables soldier type Enables vehicle types
US Tank Crewman.png V 45.png V 15.png V 17.png
Tank Crew M2A2 M5A1 Stuart M24 Chaffee
Soviet Union
Enables soldier type Enables vehicle types
SU Tank Crewman.png V 43.png V 46.png V 8.png V 84.png
Tank Crew T-38 Model 1937 T-26 Model 1933 BT-7 Model 1937 T-70 Model 1942