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The M18 is a U.S. shoulder fired anti-tank recoilless rifle. It uses a breech loaded artillery shell that is much more precise than the rockets used by the Bazooka. As the name indicates, the M18 has almost no recoil.
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Against tanks, the M18 is less effective than the M9A1 bazooka. This is because, empirically, it does less damage, has lower armor penetration (especially at angles), has a worse sight picture and costs 20 credits more per shot. At longer ranges, it is easier to hit tanks with the M18 because of its low sway relative to the M9A1 and M1A1. However, with a bit of practice, the M9A1 is just as effective; its sights also zero at 50m intervals for hundreds of meters and has the added benefit of a comparatively small smoke trail, which often gives M18 users' positions away.

Against planes, the M18 varies in its effectiveness. Recon planes are easy to hit because they are slow. They will rarely take more than one shot to destroy. Medium planes are much more difficult to hit due to their combination of high speed and small size. Since they take 2-3 hits, it is not worth targeting them. Heavy planes are fairly easy to hit, but are fast moving so require leading. They will take 2-3 hits to kill.

Against infantry, the M18 shines. It will one-hit-kill if it hits anywhere on the body. Additionally, it inflicts splash damage out to roughly one metre. This can be used to kill enemies behind doors, camping staircases or in windows by shooting the floor below them, the stairs and the roof above them, respectively. Using heavy set, the M18 is effective in countering recons and other one-hit-kill rifles.

The notion that the M18 has high cone fire, and is therefore innaccurate, is very wrong. The rocket will go where your sights are aimed.

The M18 cannot be modified.

It makes a cool sound.


  • Use the M9A1 against tanks.
  • Some tanks have armor thick enough to stop the projectile from penetrating. Aim for weakspots in the hull: tracks, sides, rear, turret, and especially from the top.
  • Strikes on sloped armour may cause the rocket to bounce off your target completely, doing no damage.
  • Penetration value decreases over range, so get as close as safety allows before firing on heavy tanks.
  • To save you some credits, you can preemptively grab a Panzerfaust and shoot the enemy tank with that first, which will save one rocket.
  • At distances further than 100m, press [space] to adjust the sights.
  • The M18 will destroy all tank tracks in one hit. Use this to make the driver enter a spin, and then swarm the tank and shoot the engine.
  • Using infantry first gold, one hit to a kubelwagen's engine will destroy it. Hitting a kubelwagen, gaz or jeep anywhere else will do enough damage that one pistol magazine shot into the car will finish it off. Hold a pistol to lure in vehicles as they try to run you over, then swap to the M18 and do this.
  • Shoot the floor, walls or roof around infantry hiding behind cover to kill them with the recoilless' splash damage.
  • The M18 with 9 rockets, 3 medkits and a pistol with 1 pouch is a good (albeit expensive) anti-infantry loadout.
  • Shoot first, and if you don't miss, you will be able to beat any player, using any weapon.
  • Take care when reloading - the M18's reload animation ejects the shell, which can give away your location if you are behind cover or, especially, if you are above an enemy.
  • The M18 will almost always one-hit-kill German motorbikes along with its occupants. Against 42LWAs, it will often destroy the bike in one shot, but not kill the occupants, who will instead be forced off and roll.
  • Shooting a civilian truck in the engine will destroy it in one kill. Do this in stationary trucks to set them on fire and then jump onto the wreck and sit in the fire. Enemies will almost never see you if you are in a burning wreck.