M55 Quad

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M55 Quad

The M55 Quad is the Americans' anti-aircraft gun, which fires its rounds sequentially. The M55 Quad is generally found at main objectives and access points if they are held by the Americans. When German forces control the area a Flakvierling 38 replaces it, and a Maxim M4 Quad if the area is held by the Soviets.

An anti-aircraft gun will spawn with full ammo and full health after a short period of time after it is destroyed by any source of damage. Most turrets can be found in pillbox positions protected against snipers (Provided that they're not in an elevated position) and most armor fire. The anti-aircraft gun will automatically refill itself when it runs out of ammunition.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • You have a total of 800 rounds to shoot, but you can only fire the first 400 before the M55 Quad automatically reloads the last 400 rounds.
  • When using the M55, always aim a small amount ahead of the target - so you can take into account its speed - improving your chances of striking the aircraft with successful fire.
  • You can also use the turret as a means of handling ground forces, even if the turret is in cover - the upper part of the M55 Quad's turrets can still shoot over cover, allowing you to dispatch targets (Provided you can hit them without striking the sandbags of the pillbox position).
  • Use the right mouse button when you are in third person view. This way you can look around without moving the turret itself.

Gallery[edit | edit source]