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The mission objectives are the main capture points on the maps which the defenders must defend and the attackers must capture. If the attackers capture all of them the match is over with an attacker victory. The defenders must either take all the attackers access points or defend all the objectives for 30 minutes to win. If one or more objective is controlled by each team, the battle will run until one team controls all objectives at which point they will be victorious. The attack lines (A-E) all lead to the objectives, in the centre of the map. They stand out from other capture points as their symbol on the map has a star shaped background as opposed to the squares used to mark other capture points, and are designated O followed by a number for example O1, O2 or O3. Factory, Mountain Town and Town all have two objectives (O1 and O2) while Forward Airfield and Airfield both have three (O1, O2 and O3). Mission Objectives are also found on Skirmish maps which do not have any standard capture points on three objectives and two spawn areas as well as on First Encounter maps which only have a sole objective and two spawn areas. For the defending team in assault battles, the spawn points at each objective are the only places they can spawn Infantry Support Vehicles, Tanks and Planes if they have them available while for the attacker they can only spawn these resources at the Access Points which have the resources.