Motorized Guard

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Motorized Guards have a maximum of 36 Infantry and 12 Motorcycle resources, and are one of the fastest ground Assault Teams at 1.8 movement speed (Guard Assault Teams have 0.5 movement speed). Motorized Guard is a Level 1 Infantry-based Assault Team. To reach Motorized Guard, you must first have a regular Guard Assault Team and have them level up. A Guard Assault Team has the option of upgrading to either Motorized Guard or Infantry (Assault Teams), however Infantry requires an additional Command Point compared to Guard and Motorized Guard. Motorized Guards are often favored by Generals for effective use by anti-tank Infantry against enemy armor.

AssaultTeam MotorizedGuard.jpg
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Commanded By
Infantryman (Rank 12+) or General
Upgrades To

AssaultTeam MotorizedInfantry.jpg

Motorized Infantry

Enables soldier type Enables vehicle types
GE Infantryman.png V 4.png V 35.png
Infantryman R75 SdKfz 2 Kettenkrad
United States
Enables soldier type Enables vehicle types
US Infantryman.png V 5.png
Infantryman 42WLA
Soviet Union
Enables soldier type Enables vehicle types
SU Infantryman.png V 5 53.png
Infantryman 42WLA L-L