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Motorized Recon are a level 1 Assault Team which require 1 Command Point, and have a movement speed of 2.0. Motorized Recon have 24 Recon resources, and 24 Motorcycle resources, which allow Recons to get away from the action, and get into advantageous positions to provide cover for friendlies. Unlike Motorized Guard, don't expect Recons to use Motorcycles as effective anti-tank transport.

AssaultTeam MotorizedRecon.jpg
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Commanded By
Rank 12 Recon, General
Upgrades To

AssaultTeam MechanizedRecon.jpg

Click AT icon to see upgrade.

Enables soldier type Enables vehicle types
GE Recon.png V 440.png V 4.png V 35.png
Recon R75 R75 with Sidecar SdKfz 2 Kettenkrad
United States
Enables soldier type Enables vehicle types
US Recon.png V 5.png V 447.png
Recon 42WLA 42WLA with Sidecar
Soviet Union
Enables soldier type Enables vehicle types
SU Recon.png V 5 53.png V 454.png V 461.png
Recon 42WLA L-L M72 M72 with Sidecar