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One of the most common Soviet land mines is known as the PMK-40. Employed in AT fields, ditches, and trails, it effectively causes severe injuries to personnel.
― Heroes & Generals


The Soviet anti-personnel mine. It is smaller and harder for enemies to spot it than the other anti-personnel mine, which is its one distinct advantage over the rest. It is required for 2 PMKs to kill your enemy as of update 1.2 (Flames of War), but is cheaper to use than all other AP mines. PMKS are best used in defense scenarios and or using them to mine a point that you recently captured. Its best used in corners and around corridors, on wooden tiles and or dirt/dark areas due to how small it is and its brown texture.


  • You can shoot a mine to destroy it regardless of your team even if it is a friendly mine. It is NOT advised to shoot friendly mines.
  • Friendly mines have a skull symbol on top of it. Enemy mines do not. It is important that you look for these features to ensure the safety of yourself and your teammates.
  • Let your teammates know when you are going to be using PMKs. This will reduce the chances of teammates accidentally stepping on them.
  • When planting keep an eye on how many you place as you can only plant a maximum of 10 at a time, if you plant an 11th the first one you planted will despawn.
  • PMKs are a great defensive tool, but remember your team also needs to be able to get on the objective to defend.
  • If you keep getting killed by these mines, try looking at the ground before you enter an important area (e.g: Capture points and paths to Capture points)
  • These mines are very expensive to place down and have a very high replenish cost. It is advised that you only use a few in less important matches.