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The Panzerkampfwagen II is a fast and maneuverable German light tank. It is armed with a fast-firing 20mm cannon which is extremely effective against infantry and lightly armored vehicles.
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  • The Panzer II can easily shred infantry and infantry vehicles with its 20mm autocannon.
  • Do not engage any tank at long range with the Panzer II: the accuracy is fairly disappointing and most of your shots will be ineffective. Try to keep the engagement distance as little as possible.
  • The Panzer II has a slower rate of fire than the Luchs thus is more controllable in bursts, allowing it to have a somewhat longer effective range.
  • Try to flank enemies and hit their weakspots to maximize the 20mm autocannon's damage potential.
  • Avoid head-on engagements, as the Panzer II lacks DPM and armor.
  • The AP round on the 20mm is very ineffective at engaging enemy armor, even to some degree at flanking. It is recommended to avoid engaging tanks until APCR is unlocked.
  • Panzer II's weakspots are all located on the right half of the tank. Hiding them from incoming fire's direction may increase your survivability rate.


Name Explosion Damage/Radius Penetration Damage[1] Near/Far Range Far Penetration Far Damage Correction Angle Velocity Credits Cost Gold Cost Cost per Shot Maintenance Load
[20×138mmB] 2cm Panzergranate 39 0 @ 0m 12mm - 20mm 88.2 - 112.5 10m/1000m 10% 50% 780 m/s 2,300 Credits 27 Gold 2.88 Credits 0:00s
[20×138mmB] 2cm Sprenggranatpatrone 39 180 @ 4m 1.6mm - 8mm 37.8 - 56.7 10m/1000m 10% 50% ° 995 m/s 7,300 Credits 87 Gold 9.13 Credits 0:03s
[20×138mmB] 2cm Panzergranate 40 0 @ 0m 35.2mm - 43.2mm 76.5 - 98.1 10m/1000m 10% 50% 1050 m/s 4,800 Credits 57 Gold 6 Credits 0:01s
[20×138mmB] 2cm Panzergranat Phosphor 0 @ 0m 16mm - 24mm 99 - 130.5 10m/1000m 10% 50% 780 m/s 10,200 Credits 120 Gold 12.75 Credits s


Factory Ambush DB Dark Yellow
Price (Credits) 195,000 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 60,000 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png
Price (Gold) 780 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png 240 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png
V CAMO 1.png
V CAMO 2.png
V CAMO 3.png
V 38.png
V 38 144.png
V 38 145.png


Supply Crates and other upgrades can be fitted to your vehicle to aid nearby infantry.

Name Contents Credits Cost Gold Cost Spawn Cost Maintenance Load
Ammunition Supply Crate Ammo 1,300 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 15 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png 12 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 0:02s
Medic Supply Crate Health 4,400 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 52 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png 44 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 0:02s
Anti-tank Supply Crate Panzerfaust 60 7,500 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 90 HnGCurrencySymbol gold.png 68 HnGCurrencySymbol credits.png 0:02s

Specialist Ribbon

Vehicle Required: Panzer II Ausf. C
V SPC 38.png Panzer II Ausf. C Specialist
Using the Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf. C light tank in battle will earn you points on this ribbon.
More points are awarded for scoring hits on enemy tanks. The highest award is given for destroying enemy tanks.
Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Icon-GR-Symbol.png German Unlocks
Ammunition Supply Crate
Dark Yellow
Ambush DB
Medic Supply Crate
2cm Panzergranate 40
2cm Sprenggranatpatrone 39
Anti-Tank Supply Crate
2cm Panzergranat Phosphor


  1. Against armor