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The RGD-33 is a defensive grenade. It contains 85g of TNT in a multilayered metal casing with an additional fragmentation sleeve for extra anti-personnel effect. Effective against personnel in open areas.
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The Soviet RGD-33 is an anti-personnel fragmentation stick grenade developed in 1933. It was designed to replace the ageing Model 1914 grenade and was used during World War II.

The grenade was complicated to use and manufacture. After the German invasion of the USSR, the simple and crude RG-42 was developed to slowly replace it.


The RGD-33 is the standard anti-personnel stick grenade of the Red Army. It is regarded as the best overall grenade by many players due to its great balance between damage and range makes it a fine compromise between the Mk. II and Stielhandgranate 24. Its low equip cost makes the RGD-33 a fine choice to complement any standard offensive kit. It is smaller than the Stelhandgranate 24 making it easier to throw through windows, but more difficult than the Mk. II since it is slightly larger than the Mk. II.