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The RPG-43 is a Soviet hand-held anti-tank grenade. It uses a very effective shaped charge HEAT warhead similar to the Panzerfaust. It can penetrate up to 75mm of steel armour making it very dangerous for enemy tank crew.
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The RPG-43 is a anti-tank grenade, instead of getting stuck on the tank and then blowing up like the No.74 it explodes on impact. This means you can quickly destroy a tank, while running the risk of damaging yourself while throwing the required 2-3 grenades to destroy an enemy tank.

Always aim for the weak spots of heavier armor, due to the relatively low armor thickness the RPG provides a 100% penetration chance against. When in doubt, attempt to land an RPG on the engine deck of the tank, where it will have a near-100% chance of penetration due to the inherently thin armor. As with all non-adhesive explosives, such as the Panzershrek, Bazooka, Panzerfaust, and Panzerwurfmine Lang, errors due to high impact angle are a possibility.

Although it may be tempting to climb on top of an enemy tank to simply "drop" RPG's onto the engine deck, this method exposes the user to the blast radius of the RPG and can often result in premature suicides before the user can land three successive hits. A more advisable tactic is to run up to the side of a stationary tank and, while aiming almost straight up, barely click and release to gently lob the RPG onto the tank. This will ensure that the grenade comes down nearly perpendicular to the top of the tank, and depending on the targeted location, will spare the user from losing any HP (The point of impact must be higher than the user himself). This works best aiming for the engine decks of the Tiger 1 and Tiger 2, because they are higher than head level where the RPG will detonate; do not do this on a Pershing, as the engine deck is roughly at head level and will result in the user taking heavy damage. For a Pershing, stand adjacent to the turret and hold the left mouse button slightly longer than you would a Tiger 1 or 2, and the RPG will safely land on top of the turret without wounding the user. This tactic allows the user to quickly unload all three RPG's, in much less time than it would take for the user to plant two H3's and wait for them to detonate.


Prior to the Devyatayev update, German and United States characters were able to unlock and purchase the RPG-43. A captured RPG-43 would cost 20,100 Credits or 325 Gold and was unlocked at Tank Destruction level 8.