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Recon Fighter is a level 0 Reconnaissance plane Assault Team, has a movement speed of 3.0, and requires 1 Command Point. Recon Fighter consists of 20 Fighter Pilot resources, and 16 Reconnaissance plane resources. Fighter Squadron is the only possible upgrade for the Recon Fighter Assault Team.

Each faction currently only has 1 plane (Henschel HS 126 B-1 for Germans, Curtiss O-52 Owl for Americans, and Polikarpov R-Z for Soviets).

AssaultTeam FighterRecon.jpg
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Commanded By
Rank 15 Fighter Pilot, General
Upgrades To

AssaultTeam FighterSquadron.jpg

Click AT icon to see upgrade.
Enables soldier type Enables vehicle types
GE Fighter Pilot.png V 204.png
Fighterpilot Henschel HS 126 B-1
United States
Enables soldier type Enables vehicle types
US Fighter Pilot.png V 205.png
Fighterpilot Curtiss O-52 Owl
Soviet Union
Enables soldier type Enables vehicle types
SU Fighter Pilot.png V 206.png
Fighterpilot Polikarpov R-Z