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This guide is to provide the community with a better understanding of the mechanics that determine how quickly a player may respawn after dying.

Factors affecting spawn time:[]

  • 1. Equipment Points
  • 2. Vehicle (if spawned)
    • 2a. Vehicle cooldown limitation
  • 3. Distance from Access point for Attackers/Distance from Objective for defenders.
    • 3a. Access points controlled by Defenders.
  • 4. Mobile deployment penalty
  • 5. Penalties (E.G - Suicide)


Factors that previously affected Spawn times, but no longer do:

- AT type - specific Weapon - Faction

1. The most well known factor, eqiupment points are the primary determinant for spawn times. How the equipment points are distributed no longer factor in.

2. Vehicles themselves may have a spawn delay built in. This applies specifically to Fighter planes and paratroopers, and will override #1.

3. This particular point was previously covered under non-disclosure, but was authorized for dissemination. The distance from a person's 'entry point' holds a fairly significant weight in considering the speed at which they may respawn. IF assaulting, the distance from the access point of the assault team you spawn into is directly correlated with a spawn time. E.G. On town map, a defender will spawn much faster in D4 than will an attacker.

This modifier includes spawn time within an APC. I.E. an APC placed at the furthest distance from the access point it was spawned on will have spawn times that can easily exceed base suicide penalty.

3a. This point is open for expansion, but includes a base spawn time reduction for Defenders in 3 faction battles. Will need to double check if this applies to normal war battles.

4. A fixed multiplier when deploying to a vehicle (APC primarily, but tanks and other peoples' vehicles). This element can be tricky when considering #3 in play as it can result in people 'appearing' out of nowhere when the actual reason was a other factors creating a long spawn time after they had spawned on someone else's vehicle.

5. This applies to suicide deployment delay, but there may be a few other penalties. There is also an initial spawn penalty when players enter a game in place.

  • Class specific factors include the badges Para-training and Airborne. Fighter pilots and Paratroopers have spawn points that technically exist outside the map or are constantly moving. As a result, the spawn time for these classes are far more dependant on the vehicle, penalty and class-specific modifiers.