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The Tellermine is a large heavy Anti-Tank mine, when a vehicle drives over it and applies pressure to the mine it detonates, normally destroying the vehicle in the process.
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The Tellermine 42 is one of several variants of anti-tank mines employed by the German army during World War II. Each mine consists of an explosive charge and are pressure-activated. Model 42 featured not just one, but two anti-tampering fuses that would automatically detonate the charge if it is not defused in a manner deemed appropriate by the engineer who placed it. This makes defusal problematic, and in many cases, Allied forces would simply destroy the mine if located, rather than attempt to reuse it.

Undiscovered remnant landmines from World War II remain a cause of concern to this day, particularly in France and Germany, despite constant vigilance by the European Union to demine its territories.


Tellermines are cheap to replenish compared to other anti-tank weapons. Setting up traps on roads and choke points is a very good way to stop enemy armor. It's possible to detonate a mine by shooting it, which means it's possible to damage stationary tanks with this weapon. Be careful when you place them! Friendly vehicles can also be destroyed with them, causing heavy casualties to the team. Be sure not to block paths that friendly vehicles will want to use. Due to the black color of this mine, it can be hidden in shadows to be harder to spot.


  • You can shoot a mine to destroy it regardless of your team even if it is a friendly mine. It is NOT advised to shoot friendly mines.
  • Friendly mines have a skull symbol on top of it. Enemy mines do not. It is important that you look for these features to ensure the safety of yourself and your teammates.
  • Let your teammates know when you are going to be using Tellermines. This will reduce the chances of teammates driving over them.
  • When planting keep an eye on how many you place as you can only plant a maximum of 10 at a time, if you plant an 11th the first one you planted will despawn.
  • If you keep getting killed by these mines, try looking at the ground before you enter an important area (e.g: Water Crossings and paths to Capture points)
  • Carrying grenades can be a great way to disarm enemy mines.