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Overview of the map Town

Overview of the map Town


A Town is a Icon-Town.png Map point that produces Infantry (Infantrymen) resources. The faction in control of a Town controls the output and command (Strategic Command & Supreme Command) can use the resources produced to reinforce an Assault Team in need.


Map Layout

With 5 possible attack routes towards the city center this map often offers chaotic battles. Those attacking need to capture the Church (O2) and Police Station (O1) to take over the city, while the defenders do their best to protect them by any means to keep the city. There are a total of nine anti-aircraft guns that can be used to shoot down enemy airplanes, various bicycles near every capture point and even a civilian transport vehicle at some. The city center is surrounded by water from every attack point except A line. To cross it you either need to be brave and swim across or use one of the bridges or hidden crossings (E3 to E4 or B3 to B4), where you will be vulnerable. A great map for any soldier type, especially Recon as there are many great sniping positions both within as outside the city. Attacking Tank Crewmen need to be careful once entering the town as there are many tight places and weak spots where infantry have an easy time to approach and attack you. There are a total of thirteen Panzerfaust 60 supply crates scattered around on this map. One at each starting line, two at the church, two at the police station, one at D3, C3, C4 and one near A4. Note that not all cities have the same layout and same amount of spawn points for attackers. Sometimes only two or even one attack spawn point is available. This all depends on how many access points there are to the city and from what directions the generals send their troops to attack, after successfully winning the access point battle. It is also possible for the lines to change, for example A line becomes D line etc... This guide is described on the layout of the above picture, note that it can be different depending on what city you are attacking.

A Line[]

'A' Line


The A line spawns players at a big house with two garages, one Panzerfaust 60 supply crate and one anti-aircraft turret. There is a forest or an open road that you can use to travel towards A2. At the start of the game it should be pretty safe to reach A2 without any resistance but always beware of Airplanes at the start. The defending team closest spawn point is O2 which they use to capture A4, B4 and E4. For defenders who successfully pushed the attackers back to A1 it is not that difficult to capture this point as long as you flank from the forest or from behind near the river banks. Note that you need to be on the main level of the house near the radio room to capture it. Staying on higher floors will not let you be in capture range.



This small shack gives you good cover while capturing, but beware of flanks from the two forests next to it. Try to capture this objective as fast as possible and have some go towards A3 already. If the defending team is slow you should be able to reach A3 before they finished capturing A4. From A2 towards A3 there is a road in between two small forests. It is highly advisable to use the forest towards A3 so you reach it fairly undetected as compared to the open road which will just let you be easily spotted by approaching defenders whom are nearing A3 themselves to capture it. For defenders who successfully pushed the attackers back to A2, the shack gives you great cover. Once inside, it should be fairly easy to capture. This due the position of the shack and having wall cover from side & back towards the respawning attackers.



Here is where the first fight starts normally. Enter the building from the north entrance as fast as possible and not randomly wander around the building as the defenders will be approaching from the south of the house. There is one entrance at the north side of the house, one at the east side and a ladder towards the open roof on the south side (when looking at it from map perspective). Be sure there are no defenders left near the house when moving up towards A4, preferable leave one or two behind to defend after you captured it for the attacking team. Remember to use the forest on the left for flanking A4. Using the road or the hill to the right of the house will prove dangerous as the respawn point for defenders respawning at O2 is near there. There is one supply crate at the ruins north of the house.



With two garages and one small shack this place holds an important objective which is needed to capture one of the two main objectives, the church (O2) from A line. The radio room is located in an open garage which can be easily protected by a tanks who fire high explosive rounds inside. It is advisable to destroy the tanks first before capturing it. There is one Panzerfaust 60 supply crate located inside the empty anti-aircraft gun sandbag pit to the north of A4. Defenders will spawn closely if they captured E4 and have three sides from which they can protect A4. From here attackers can choose to either directly attack the church (O2) or first remove spawn point E4 from the defenders if its available for capturing. Remember to leave some behind for protecting A4 as losing it while capturing other objectives will just make you start all over again from A3 or even A2 in the worst case scenario. There is also one civilian transport vehicle available in one garage and one bolt-action rifle supply crate, either the M1903 or the Karabiner 98 Kurz.


B Line[]

'B' Line


Located on a hill, this starter house holds one garage, one anti-aircraft gun and one Panzerfaust 60 supply crate. You can use the main road towards B2 or the forest to the left and right of it. Check your map first and be sure that the defenders do not have a hold of the full C line, else they will probably use C3 to spawn and go straight for either B2 or B3. So it is entirely possible that you will meet resistance and be flanked. Tanks can go on the C line to help capture C3 if its able to be captured. Later, they can help protect the bridge and cross it in a later stage of the game when its safe to cross. The radio room is located on the first level and can be accessed from one stairway or two side entry points.



Two small shacks with one holding the radio room and a ruined building for extra cover or sniping. You should have good protection from the walls but beware of grenades being thrown inside the window opening or even getting shot through it. Remember that you can be flanked from the left here if defenders have C line. Try to capture it as fast as possible and have some move towards B3 already. You will have the help of a dense forest here to move fairly undetected. But beware as defenders may be laying an ambush ready for you by hiding behind trees.



Small house located at the river banks with a front entrance, back entrance and a ladder leading to the roof. It also has a small shack next to it for cover or sniping. The radio room is located on the main level inside the main room and has two doorways you need to protect. Attackers will come from the forest side while the defenders will use the destroyed bridge to cross over the river to reach B3. It is also possible like said above that you will have defenders coming from C3 if they hold full C line or pushed the attackers back to C2 and captured C3. A lot of time tanks will place themselves near B4 and fire at B3 from across the river. Either use the broken bridge to go to B4 or use C3 line to cross the bridge that leads to the city center. You will be vulnerable while crossing, so remember to be pay attention to surrounding Tanks or enemy [Recon]].


  • Bicycles
  • Important River Crossing
  • Forest Cover

Located at the other side of the river this objective point is fairly difficult to approach or capture for the attackers. The radio room is located on the first floor and you have a roof with two open windows that you can use to snipe or shoot from. There is also one anti-aircraft gun located next to it. Defenders have it easier as this place holds other houses to snipe from and defending across a river is always easier than attacking. Capturing this objective is an ideal opportunity for a paratrooper who can land near it instead of having to cross the river. Communicate, and launch direct attacks from different sides to have the highest chance of success. From B4 you can capture one of the main objectives, the church (O2).


  • Anti-aircraft gun
  • Sniping windows on upper floor
  • Important River Crossing
  • Capture to unlock The Church (O2)

C Line[]

'C' Line


Located near open fields this starter spawn holds one anti-aircraft gun and one Panzerfaust 60 supply crate. One house holds the radio room, while you have three little shacks and one garage providing extra cover. Moving fast from C1 to C2 is key here as the goal is to reach C3 before the defenders can reach it. Move to C2 by using the road or the fields. At the start of the game you should have no fear or danger when going towards C2 as there is no close defender spawnpoint nearby. Be wary of enemy aircraft!



Two shacks where one of them holds the radio room, while the other holds a civilian transport vehicle. Try to capture it as fast as possible and let some move to C3 already. From here you can move to C3 either by road, forest to the left or the fields to the north and right.


  • Bicycles
  • Civilian Vehicle
  • Haystacks for Cover

Holding two houses, one bunker, two anti-aircraft guns, one Panzerfaust 60 supply crate and a supply crate. Additionally, there is also a bolt-action rifle supply crate located in a small bunker near the forest side of the bridge. Defenders can also find this weapon parallel on the other side of the bridge (M1903 if the Americans control C2, or the Karabiner 98 Kurz if the Germans control C2). This capture point is where the first battle between attackers and defenders normally takes place. When approaching C3 be sure to use the houses cover to your advantage as there will be enemy defenders moving over the bridge. There may even be flanking from B line if defenders have full control of it from the start. Attackers should try to capture the other side of the bridge, while defenders will do their best to cross the bridge and stop the attackers from advancing. The radio room is located in the house on the right from attacker perspective. This house has two door entrances, one from the south, one from the north east side and one ladder leading to the open roof located next to the road in front of the bridge. Defending tanks will most likely be located inside town or on the bridge towards C4. Destroy them first before you decide to move forward over the bridge. Remember that B3 line also holds a crossing if you feel that crossing the bridge is impossible. You can also swim and travel under the bridge to stay out of sight to attack and approach C4. Again it is easier to defend than to attack over the bridge but with good teamwork and effort it is certainly possible.



One tall building surrounded by other buildings and the main road towards the center of the city. It has three entrances, one at the front, one at the side and one final entrance at the back. The main room has some shelves and a small corner hallway. Two stairs lead to the first level where the radio room is located. Above is the attic where you have two open windows you can snipe or shoot from. Like with B4 this objective is difficult to capture, but can be done by using paratroopers or successfully flanking and approaching it from directions the defenders do not expect. There is also one Panzerfaust 60 supply crate located to the right of this building, behind a wooden fence. It also has two anti-aircraft guns and one bunker. After capturing this objective the attackers unlock one of the main objective capture points, the police station (O1). From C4 you can use the small areas between the houses to reach the police station or you can use the road for tank crewmen or vehicle drivers.


D Line[]

'D' Line


Two big houses and a garage located in front of a forest near open fields where the radio room is located in the house linked to the garage. It has five possible entries, one from the garage, two from the front, one from the side at the opening in the middle of the house and one from side at the back. It holds one Panzerfaust 60 supply crate and one anti-aircraft gun. Moving to D2 can be done either by travelling over the open fields or using the cover of the forest near the river bank side. At the start of the game you should be able to reach D2 without any danger. But again if the defenders control E line, they might attempt to flank you. If the defenders successfully pushed the attackers back to D1 they have to cross over open fields or flank in sight to reach it.



Three small shacks where one of them holds the radio room. The wall with the open window is located towards E line while the opening is located towards the forest next to it. Again try to capture it as fast as possible and have some soldiers move to D3 already. Move carefully to D3 with the use of the forest or at the edge of the open field linked to the forest. If defenders do not control E line, move towards D3 from the left and not the right. This because most of the time there will be Recon, infantry or tanks ready to fire at you as soon you pop out of the forest to run towards D3 objective.



One shack with two ruined buildings where one of them holds the radio room. There is also one supply crate and one Panzerfaust 60 supply crate available. The objective is surrounded by forests and has a road leading towards the bridge to D4 and the city center. When moving towards or away from this objective always beware of a possibility that there are Recon or tanks firing at you. Best is to use the forest as camouflage and not approaching in plain sight where you will be easily shot. If you feel that crossing the bridge to reach D4 is too difficult, try to flank and approach D4 from the water or even use E line as there is another hidden crossing there. Sometimes E line does not show on the map at all, but this does not mean that the hidden crossing is gone also. A lot of time it will be safer to use E crossing than D crossing to go inside the city. Also remember that if the defenders hold E line at the start or later that they may use it to launch surprise attacks at you with flanking.



Located on top of the bridge leading towards the city center, this objective can be reached either by dropping on the top by paratroopers, crossing over the bridge or using the water, some stairs and a ladder to reach the radio room inside D4. It has one entrance on the bridge level, one roof that has one bolt-action rifle supply crate with a ladder leading to the main level and two entrances on the main level where the radio room is. On the other side of the bridge across D4 you will find one anti-aircraft gun and one supply crate hidden under the bridge. Do not all attack from the same side but use flanking to successfully capture D4. After capturing D4 you unlock one of the main objectives, the police station (O1). You can either go straight for that objective or you can help capture E4 if possible. This will add an closer spawn point for you and removes the spawn point for the defenders. For the defending team remember that defending the police station (O1) is FAR more important than defending E4.


  • Bicycles
  • Anti-aircraft gun
  • Supply crate
  • Important River Crossing
  • Capture to unlock the Police Station (O1)

E Line[]

'E' Line


Two houses and a little shack located on a hill in the open fields with one anti-aircraft gun and one Panzerfaust 60 supply crate. Move to E2 as fast as possible but beware of possible flanking from D3 if the defenders control D line at start or later. You can either travel by road or use the open fields with high grass cover towards E2.



One shack where the radio room is located, with three haystacks near it for extra cover. There are two more shacks and some haystacks on a hill to the right of it. The walls of the shack should give you good cover but remember that each shack has an open window where enemies can throw grenades or shoot through. From here you can travel by road or use the fields towards E3. Remember to capture E2 as fast as possible and send some to E3 already so you can reach it before the defenders can. The two other shacks and haystacks give a great way of cover for either the attackers or defenders.



One shack located in a forest with a small road leading towards the river with a crossing to reach E4 with vehicles. Once inside you should be safe to capture the objective unless someone throws a grenade inside or when a paratrooper decides to land on the roof. Also beware of possible enemies hiding in the forest nearby. The forest here is an ideal place to camouflage yourself and a great place for ambushes. Again remember that D line is close to this objective and that it is entirely possible that enemies will come from D line. Keep checking your left and your right. Do not drive or walk forward with just a focus on what is ahead of you. From here you can use the road or forest to reach the hidden crossing to make your way across the river to reach E4. You can also use the bridge to cross but it is not advisable since the defenders will be ready there.



A watermill on the side of the river bank. Defenders must cross the river to defend E4, while attackers will have continued on land from E3. Attacking O1 from E4 requires control of the two shacks across the other side of the river, which has cover in the shacks on the right but care must be taken near the open window hole in the wall where tanks or soldiers can shoot through. When attacking from E4, it is important to cross the river as fast as possible and not stop midway. You will be an easy target and moving across the river makes you vulnerable. Try to be not detected and move as fast you can. After capturing E4 you unlock one of the main objectives, the police station (O1). You can now decide to help capture A4, go straight for O1 or help capturing the bridge crossing D4.


  • Bicycles
  • Important River Crossing
  • Capture to unlock Police Station (O1)

Easter Eggs[]

The Objective[]

You need to capture or defend BOTH O1 and O2 to successfully defend or take over the City.

'O1' & 'O2'


The Police Station is located near the middle of the map, near the stone bridge where D4 is located. The police station has one supply crate and two Panzerfaust 60 supply crates nearby. Also one garage to spawn [Vehicles]] and tanks. The police station itself can be entered by four different areas. Two at the front entrance (one in the middle and one at the left), one at the back entrance and two possible rooftop landings that can be reached by paratroopers. The radio room is located in a small room on the first level and has a stairway that leads to the rooftop. Again the more people you have inside, the quicker you will successfully capture or defend this main objective. When capturing the police station you will unlock the church (O2) if not captured yet. You need to capture both O1 and O2 to successfully take over the town or to successfully defend the town.



The Church is located in the middle of the map. It has some open roof for paratroopers or infantry to drop in, three towers to snipe from, three broken walls that are enterable and one front entrance. There is one supply crate located on the east side of the church, one bolt-action rifle supply crate in the middle of the church and two Panzerfaust 60 supply crates at the top of the highest tower and one inside the ground level in the right tower at the front entrance. There is also one anti-aircraft gun on the north side and the tombstones at the front entrance area give some great coverage. Inside the church is a rather open area but the pillars, boxes give good cover. There are also planks and hallways on a higher level that you can shoot down from or shoot enemies at. Beware of your surroundings inside since you can be attacked from any side. Remember that the more people you have inside, the quicker the capturing goes. After capturing this main objective you unlock the other main objective, police station (O1) and undo any previous captured points by the opponent at A, B or E line. Be sure to leave some behind to defend this objective since the defenders or attackers will keep coming and coming to take it back. You need to capture both O1 and O2 to successfully take over the town or to successfully defend the town.


Points of Interest[]

Points that use the Town map[]


Aalst, Antwerp, Ath, Braives, Brugge, Brussels, Celles, Charleroi, Dinant, Herentals, Hulst, Kortrijk, La Louvière Lier, Liège, Malmedy, Mechelen, Mons, Namur, Nieuwpoort, Nivelles, Rochefort, Rodt, St. Vith, Tournai, Turnhout, Verbomont Verviers, Wavre




Altlandsberg, Köpenick, Lichterfelde, Oranienburg, Wandlitz


Arlon, Durbuy, La Roche-en-Ardenne, Luxembourg, Marche-en-Famenne, Nassogne, Saint-Hubert

The Netherlans[]

Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Den Oever

The United Kingdom[]

Basingstoke, Bromley, Cardiff, Crawley, Croydon, Bromley, Dartford, Dorking, Greenwich, Harlow, Haslemere, Hoo, Maidstone, Ingatestone, Reading, Stanford-le-Hope

Capitals Capital.png[]

All of the Capital cities except Oslo, Zürich, Rotterdam, and København are played on the Town Map. The rest are Mountain Town.

Miscellaneous Pictures[]