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Description[edit | edit source]

A Skirmish is a map point where supply lines are fought to defend/assault a city map. If you do not own the skirmish map entering a city, first you must assault and win, after winning you must defend if the enemy faction has enough assault teams still left on the point. After winning the defense of the skirmish the assault on the city map will initiate.

Layout[edit | edit source]

Notable for having a capture point (O2) that is equidistant to both teams' spawns.

Check the map for Panzerfaust 60 location. Village Skirmish has a new layout where spawn camping is made more difficult. There are two types of areas, a very open area good for tanks and snipers. The other area is heavily covered with foliage and makes it difficult for tanks to defend the points. There are also a few bicycles near the spawn for players to use as means for transport. One Anti-Aircraft gun is located near C objective.

Point O1[edit | edit source]


Point O2[edit | edit source]

Radar Outpost

Point O2 is very open with a few buildings for cover. The buildings make it difficult for tanks to get in close as it leaves them vulnerable to anti-tank grenades and rockets. Recon and tanks will have an easy time picking off targets on this point as their are open fields, but watch out for the ditch/river that runs through the middle and the small bridge that creates a bottle neck for tanks. There are a few buildings that can be used for cover.

  • Open area, good for sniping and tanks can pick off vehicles and infantry
  • Tanks shouldn't get in close to the buildings
  • Second stories with windows
  • Can put APC's behind buildings for easy/safe spawning

Point O3[edit | edit source]


Point O3

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]